My Birthday Special

My basket of thanks goes to the Lord that made sense out of my messed up life. The Lord has being my pillar and helper. He has granted me grace to be a part of the fellowship of the unashamed. He is being my Helper, my pillar and sustainer.
After all have been through all I can say is thank you Lord.
As I type this am drenched in tears. Oh yes Tears in appreciation to God who made beauty out of the ashes of my life.
I look back and all I can say is if it hadn’t been the Lord who has been all my side what can I say.
He is my chairman! My backbone. I do yanga because of his love
God loves me so much. No doubt I have been through a whole lot but he has been my help. Have being at quarter to shame level but he has being the glory and Lifter of my head. Really, more than assured, that my commission is a No Shame Commission
What else can I say than to say THANK YOU LORD. Oni kokoro Aiye, Akadagodo emi mi. I hail you lord.
I bless God for life in its self. For my family. For beautiful people like you, he has surrounded me with. Am so dazed by the shower of love from friends and family.
I bless God for my circle of influence. Am just a vessel of worship in his hands. For all the lives he has enabled me to bless. Am just like shoooo who am I lord, that you endow me with much grace
Lord, am @ lost for words to sufficiently express my gratitude, so I put it into writing. And just like the lady with the Alabaster box, I bring my alabaster box of tears and thanksgiving, wiping it @ your feet. I LOVE you Lord. I know I can’t sufficiently thank you enough. But this is my token of Love and appreciation.
For me, every birthday, like today is the beginning of a new year for me, God has promised me a season of greater establishment. With joy and great hopes I smiles as I look forward to greater and better days aheads.
Thanks for joining me to worship God. For me I have decided am made for worship so, I would worship God with all my life.
Thanks for reading. I love you. You have indeed formed an integral part of my life. Bless God I met you.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me, Hephzibah Abiodun Olokode.

Pls just say a word of thanks to God for my life.
This was deliberately left editted,

4 thoughts on “My Birthday Special

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  1. I celebrate with you dear.I love birthdays,I believe its God’s unique way of telling us “girl,its a new season..a dawn of new things”. I thank God for your life.God bless you sweetie.I wish you many more years of God’s faithfulness in Jesus name.


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