Laughing through the storm

Yippee, its another quarter of the year 2014. Am so excited!
Today, I am writing on keeping your joy and laughing through the storm.
I know you have dreams, aspirations, plans and purposes. Some met, some unmet. No matter what, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh. ‘Rejoice, again I say rejoice’. No matter how things have been through the year, laugh, be happy, after all you still have life.
Remember as kids, laughing was easy.

I remember how we even laughed at things that were not even funny, but now as adult, we find it so hard to laugh. Hummmmm! Maybe it because we are suppose to take life more seriously.
‘Laughter does a whole lot of good for your general wellbeing which in turn keeps you healthy and looking good’.
Usually, we feel good and more relax after a period of laughing because stress and laughter cannot co exist. Just laugh, like a popular song says, ‘Laugh away your sorrows, problems and challenges’.
When we laugh, relationships would be stronger and more funfilled. Besides, isn’t it true that people are easily drawn to those with a great sense of humour?

Just laugh off the stress and hustle.

Dearie, laughing does not mean there are no troubles but it simply means that you are celebrating your victory over the troubles. Remember, after the test comes the testimony.

Did you know that there is a laughter competition somewhere in Asia? I think?

For the rest of the year, no matter what you have being through, LAUGH! Keep a favorite picture, watch a funny video or comedy, just do things that makes you laugh. Just start laughing!
Everything is going to be alright.

Yippeeeeeeee. Me too am laughing oh!


3 thoughts on “Laughing through the storm

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  1. The qtn, why re u laughing its self makes the respondent laugh this is cos laugh make u look younger
    Sarah in the bible laugh
    For that reason God considered her to be young and give her a child.
    If a fool laugh always to see him self as not a Fool
    What about u the wise man?


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