Omo ga

Hi people, welcome to the month of June. May mega blessings be yours in Jesus name.
The saying that ‘your friends would either make you or mar you’ is so true am however grateful to God for blessing me with very sweet friends. Today is the 6th day of the 6th month and it happens to be a very dear one’s birthday.
Some many years ago, the cries of baby greeted the world. The baby is now a big man oh. Lol. I would love to introduce to you- Erinle Adebayo,

I love to call him ‘Omo ga’ that because he is very tall oh.
Bayo is smart, intelligent,caring, amiable, blunt*yes oh*, handsome, godly and sociable and a great ‘encourager’ (his being a source of encouragement,motivation and inspiration)

Bayo and I met in 2006 in Lagos during lessons for WASSCE and since then we have being friends. I remember walking side by side with him and feeling like his younger sister. *winks* I often disliked when I had to look up to him *because he is tall now* almost wishing am as tall as he is ROFTL

There are several special things about this lovely dude. Chai, the boy know book gan oh. He loves accounting and mathematics. You know, he gave me an English textbook, and I still hold that textbook close to my heart, I use the book a lot sef.
Bayo lost his dad in SS 2 and I didn’t know until recently-after the demise of my dad. I jokingly say he is a senior colleague and a fellow fatherless pikin.

For me the lesson from his experience is your background doesn’t mean your back must be on the ground. And if all all your back is on the ground, make sure you are looking up. He shares some of his experiences with me on how he had to work some demeaning jobs to make ends means. I recur that every holiday from school, Bayo was always teaching in one coaching lesson or the other. (Shoooo, he is a good teacher oh)

And in all he graduated from the university in Distinction.

and he is now making waves in the corporate world. His story proves that you maynt be able to control what happens to you but you are in control of what you do with what happened to you. You have a choice to either give reasons why you succeeded or excuses for failure.

This a very special gossip oh ‘chai, Bayo loves his sister oh. He doesn’t joke with her’ that makes me jealous sometimes sef *winks

Adebayo, I see in you, a young man that has grown stronger, better and brighter and am sure by God’s grace your Latter would be greater than your former. God Has Made You bigger. I thank God for your life.

I must confess at this point, that this is the first time in 8 years that I remember Bayo’s birthday *face covered* I keep mixing the date up or even forgetting but he never forgot mine. (A big apology to all those whose birthday I forgot)
So from me, am saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND

HIP HIP HURRAY. I salute you.

Av a blast dearie

Posted by Hepzibah Olokode

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  1. Congratulations to a Dude, A close pal, A chap (Mentally, physically n academically), A focused individual and a goal oriented individual….. My Partner in all and we keep doing it right. Wishing you all the best you ever desire…… #Gettingtothetopisthemission


  2. U all coincidentally are all i take as models. Ur abilities and view towards life has only made me stronger. Thanks so much. One love


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