Being thinking of how best to introduce and talk about her. No matter how hard I try.
I count myself privileged to be connected to her. As a matter of Fact she is a great model.
Am sure you are wondering who this special person is, anyway don’t wonder to far. She is Revd Mrs Olubukola Mopelola Olokode. *winks. Wow that’s my mama oh.

She is beautiful. Highly intelligent and also spiritual. She is a hardworking, business oriented and simply adorable.

In her I not only have a mother but also a friend and sister. We share a lot of talks oh! From every day life experiences to small small pillow talks*winks* does that sound like gossip to you hummmm *eyes rolling* na u sabi.

So what makes my mother a wonder *smiling* wow the list is endless oh. Her shoulders are so broad she painlessly carries us all. Need I tell u, she is a SAN (Senior Abiamo of Nigeria).

The list is endless oh but I wud share a few inspiring one. Hummmmm, so let’s go there oh *smiling *

She is our prayer merchant oh. She always raises us up in prayers. Even middle of the night, she still dey pray oh! Did u know that sometimes when I am lazy to pray am always assured My Mama is praying for me.
Also, she is kind and lovely. A very reliable confident and great encourager. There was a time I had relationship ish *you get what I mean* she was just there for me oh, so patient and understanding.

Guess am sounding to personally. She have being a blessing to us all. As a matter of fact she used to teach us school work when were younger and she still does oh with my your ones. *laughing* guess we got the brains from her.

Did you know that my first contact with God was through my mummy. As kids she used to enforce that we memorized Bible verses and Hymns. Shoo, failure to memorize it was equal to punishment oh. Trust me, we all received regular dose of punishment. Till date, I find it very easy to talk Scriptures with her. As a Matter of fact, we exchange Christian and motivational books, CDs and files.
Now my list is getting long oh *eyes rolling* finally, am not yet married but I learnt from her that marriage is beautiful, but it won’t always be a happy ever after but with patience, faith and tolerance, Marriage can be a piece of cake.

Now, end of discussion. Aren’t I bless to her a mother like her. I love my mummy gan oh. May God satisfy her with long life ,prosperity and continually show her his Salvation.
Happy birthday mummy.

Love you greatly….

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