Teenagers, Stand out! Attend T.H.I “Teens with a Difference”

thi flyer
On Thursday, 5th of February, T.H.I will be hosting the 2nd edition of Stand Out tagged “Teens with a Difference”. The event aims to showcase inspiring and motivational talks from speakers who against all odds have not only chosen to be the positive difference in their world but have also helped other to be.

The programme is targeted at encouraging teenagers especially secondary school students to dare to stand out and be the difference in a generation which although is highly blessed with a lot of technology and infrastructural development but poor in its moral standards.

The programme aims to breed a new crop of Teenagers who would stand out from the crowd, who would accepted themselves as been unique, who would not give up values and morals in a bid to fit into the crowd, teenagers who are comfortable with who they are, teenagers who have confidence and will allow their individuality to shine.

The programme will hold at the Main Conference Hall of the Federal Government Secretariat, Ikolaba, Ibadan from 10am to 2pm.

T.H.l, acronym for “The Hephzibah Initiative” is an initiative birth out of a deep desire to inspire and empower young people (teenagers and youths) by providing them with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to live a life of significance both to themselves and society.

Remember, it’s better to build teenagers than repair adults. For sponsorship or more information please contact:

Hepzibah- 07036679412 / Joshua- 08151764559

T.H.I…impacting destinies for significance

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