Dear Child

You could not understand the joy and gladness that greeted the world the day you were born. Your parents had patiently and eagerly awaited your arrival. They were happy and grateful to God because you have been given to them as rare gift; a heritage. Family, neighbors and friends are invited to rejoice and celebrate your birth as you are given beautiful names on the eighth day.
From that day on it became their joy to nurture and watch you grow from the tiny baby to a toddler. Surprising the growth is so fast, in no time, you became of school age, so the journey began, from nursery school to primary school and then secondary school and soon the tertiary institution. All what joy filled our heart has we watched you grow.
As the years roll by and puberty sets in, our little baby has now grown tall, beautiful and good looking. We are also aware you have grown big and we know you think we are sometimes overbearing. We know the feelings of “I am old to do things in my own way, I know what is best for me” it is written all over you.
Dear child, a child is never too old for his parents. Besides don’t let that size of yours deceive you. Beneath that size of yours is a child so young and tender in need of guidance. Remember you are still a teen-age of 13 to 17 years, no matter how tall or big you have grown.
We know you have classmates and friends, who are referred to as your peers. Some of them have wrong ideas and you want to be like them. Some of them do not see anything wrong in lying, stealing, taking alcohol, smoking or even having sex. “My son if sinners entice you, do not consent”. That means all the wrong ideas from your friends are unholy, they are therefore sins before God. Your friends can tell you “you are in the right age to have boy/girl friend and have sex. Some will even encourage you to have sex for money. I know a few students carry condoms in their bags because it is available everywhere. These friends are very wrong because sex is for those that are married. Your body is the temple of God and you must not defile it. Besides engaging in premarital sex could land you in trouble, not only do you stand the change of contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases, you could also get pregnant.
Dear child, you have to watch the kinds of friends you keep. Some friends could introduce dangerous drugs like cocaine, heroin and cannabis to you. The cheapest lies you will hear is, “you will feel high and be on top of the world”. It is all lies of the devil, resist them. Some may even ask you to go out and drink beer or alcohol. I tell you the devil knows you have a bright destiny so he seeks to destroy it.
Your parents try all their best to educate and cater for you. Why waste resources which could be use to fund your education. My Child, do not waste your today, which is your time. Use your time very well. Do the right thing at the right time. How then do you become what God wants you to be? Simple rules:
1. Be obedient to instruction.
2. Be diligent at your studies and all tasks you are given
3. Help with house chores without complaining.
4. Recognize your talents, develop it and you will repeat a good reward
5. Choose good friends only; and flee from sinful friends
6. Shun sinful habits like stealing, lying, drinking, smoking and fornication.
7. Fear God and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour.
8. Pray at all times and read your bible daily
Dear child, it is the joy of parents to see their child succeed.
We are sorry if you think our standards are too high. There is a way that seems right but the end is destruction. You think you are old enough to make mistakes but some mistakes could take a long time to correct. Sometimes we might shout at you, scold or punish you, but it is in your best interest so we ask that you patiently and obediently follow in the path of truth that we have laid out for you. It definitely leads to a glorious future. We love you and hope the best from you.

Your hopeful Mother,
Bukola Olokode

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