Don’t Read This

The information contained in this piece is dangerous and capable of changing your paradigm – readers are advised. If I were you, I would stop reading this for the fear of what is coming next, but no, you still won’t stop. You really want to know what happens if you read this piece. Some call it curiosity – it’s just the human nature.
A lot of people out there think you have a bad reading culture. Then I wonder, “Do they follow you home?” “How do they know these things?” “They don’t even understand you!” They don’t really know how much you read. It’s their fault! They are never around when you are reading. They only show up when you do every other things. Many times, it’s annoying to know how much they don’t understand how your life is. They don’t expect you to have fun or rest – they act as though life is all about work and reading. I just hope they get you.
You too, you are not convincing enough. They don’t trust you because you haven’t given them a reason to. You look smart but talk shallow. You talk as though you don’t have proper understanding of life – and please don’t even think you are too young for that. You are too old. You are too old to talk the way you do. You need to talk more maturely. You need to sound super smart, at least. You need to be respected. It’s not in the swag or the cash, it’s in what you have in your head and what you have in your head is a function of what you have read. Simple.
Okay friend, what if those people that criticize you are correct? What if you have a terrible reading culture? It is easy to snap out of this ‘low’ lifestyle. The new cool is talking smart and intelligent and the secret is in books.
If you’re a newbie in the reading business, then don’t start big. Take up small books, magazines, newspapers, journals, encyclopedia, and all sorts. Pick something short. Do it one after the other. Don’t rush yourself. Finish reading each piece, no matter how long it takes. Just make sure you do the reading consistently. Maybe 30 minutes or less, every day, for starters. Celebrate every success. Go to the movies or go watch a football match or maybe shopping. Reward yourself for successfully finishing a book. Study yourself and note the things you like to read about. Read more on the things you love to read about. Always talk about the things you have read about. Bore your friends with your new jive –reading. Tell them about what’s in the books you are reading, whether it’s a novel or an inspirational book.images (1)
For your academic work, make a study time table, pay attention in class, make jotting. Also, know what works for you, some people read better at night while others early in the morning. Furthermore, observe these 4 Rs to your study.
1. Relax, you need to keep your mind at ease and prepared to study. Don’t rush things.
2. Recall, always try to recall whatever you have read, ask questions on what you have read.
3. Rehearse, you can do this effectively by self-examination or with a group of friends.
4. Retain, it is not enough to read, make sure you retain. Retain by constantly revising what you have learnt.
People celebrate and respect those who are knowledgeable. I really want the same for you. Promise me you’d get your reading vibe on. You’d start reading today and you’d be the superstar I want you to be.
download (1)
Just say: “I promise to read my way to being a superstar.”
YES! I heard you. You even said it in your mind. It has been registered by the forces that be. I hope to meet you in person to hear the stories of how reading changed your life.
Be great, READ!

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