The Hephzibah Initiative

fondly called T.H.I, the initiative was founded by Hepzibah Olokode on the team of the initiative are a set of amazing and passion driven individuals.

Our Vision
Impacting destinies for a life of significance
Our Mission
To inspire and empower young people (teenagers and youths) by providing them with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to live a life of significance both to themselves and society.

More about us
It is discovered that several Young people are encumbered with many questions. However despite the teeming questions that are raised, sadly they are often barraged with conflicting answers. Young people are usually torn between what the media projects, their friends say and their parents as well as several people tell them. No wonder, many young people are genuinely perplexed as to just what they should do.
Hence, The Hephzibah Initiative (THI) is an initiative birth out of a deep desire to inspire, educate and empower young people to living a life of significance and relevance by providing honest and workable answers to their questions.
THI inspires and educates by organising seminars, conferences and programmes as well as counselling sessions both within and outside the school environment, publishing books, magazines and newsletters.
we have successful by the grace of God organised “StandOut” a conference for Teenagers and have published ‘Teens 101’ a magazine for teenagers

here is what our speakers at Stand Out have to say
We are passionate about Teenagers so we relish every opportunity to speak with them. Our aim is to inspire them for a life of significance. We believe in a better Nigeria through better Teenagers and young people.
Contact T.H.I on
Telephone: 08074343882
Twitter: @hepzyolokode
Instagram: hephzibaholokode
T.H.I. : impacting Destinies for a life of significance

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