Serious Business

Its fashion trend in recent times to see females wear clothes that exposes their cleavages leaving little to imagination, while males sag their trousersdownload images

. Fashion in modern times has now become a show of madness and carelessness. I am aware that many people dress this way in a bid to look like their entertainment icons. But then we forgot that they are ENTERTAINMENT personals. Many of them don’t dress like that on a good day or to official meetings.

Clothes are meant to cover up our bodies. The purpose of wearing a dress will be defeated if the places it should cover are exposed. Common guys!!!! This part of our bodies is called “private parts”. It is no coincidence that they are called “private” because indeed they are, meaning they can only be seen by us and our married spouse alone. No wonder we have the stories of rapes all around, now tell me why we won’t keep having such when we have people especially ladies advertising their bodies about knowing fully well that men are moved by what they see.

Looking good is a serious business which we shall all make conscious effort towards. Being well dressed can fetch you the respect and attention of dignitaries. It could take you to that level that you may not be able to reach ordinarily. Remember, Pictures provokes Thought. After all we are all attracted to well-dressed people. No one goes before the President dressed shabbily.

Dressing well is not in the number of clothes you have nor is it in wearing designs that are in vogue. Rather, it more in be content with what you have, keeping them clean and combining them well. Truth be told, don’t need one thousand and one clothes, shoes, accessories to look really good and beautiful, all you need is “COMMON SENSE AND MAINTAINANCE”. Take good care of what you have; stop walking around dirty and smelly clothes (unwashed dress, unpolished and damaged footwear). Wash your clothes properly, especially the collar and armpit, iron them if need be, polish your shoes and keep them in the right places.

images (2)mcf

Also, keep a fresh breath, brush your teeth regularly, wash your body well, comb and brush your hair properly, if you make your hair, always keep it clean and tidy, apply your body cream and powder properly. Also, use deodorants; it doesn’t have to be expensive. A number of them are relatively affordable and good.

hepzibah olokode

Stop the “I DON’T CARE” attitude. If you don’t care about how you look, people also will not care about giving you the desired audience or hearing you out. A mad man is easily recognised by his dressing. Nobody wants to associate with a haggard looking individual.

Always remember ‘DRESS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE ADDRESSED’. You can never dress well and be treated like a Nobody. Dress your way to the top.

you can rock your clothes without expose anything. have fun and enjoy.


with love from Adetutu Oladipo

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