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Exclusive interview with Stephen Onyibe (MC SOLId)

Hi guys. Today seems a very remarkable day largely because there are lots of celebrants oh. So from us we say happy birthday, happy married life and happy celebrations to all today’s celebrants, may Joy never cease in your life. I’m particularly excited today, because it is a special someone ‘bornday’.
One very unique thing about my guest is …. He is so humble, like humble. Not only is he humble he is also a vision supporter, a giver and a great encourager. Kindly do me a favour, after reading this post, if he has being a blessing to you one way or the other, please share your experience. *winks. In the mouth of two or more the truth is established.
So back to the matter, my celebrity for today MC Solid


I must also laud MC Solid for granting this interview despite the short notice. So here we go. Fasten your seat belt, grab some refreshments and lets take a voyage into the life of MC Solid.
Hep: You are popularly called Mc Solid, is that your birth name. Lol
Mc Solid: No. I went for a missionary trip with a group called d landlords so d leader of d team wanted to meet us & I was d 1st person she asked my name so I replied by saying “Onyibe stephen Ikechukwu” So she said strong or Solid. So I choose solid. Since then my name has been solid.
Hep: That’s nice. So she inspired the name. So how’s the journey been in the world of comedy especially in Ibadan
Mc Solid: It’s been God. Coz for u to be able to break grounds in Ibadan you must work hard.
Hep: That’s true. Ibadan is a very spectacular town. You mentioned earlier that you worked with the Landlords. What’s the Landlords about
Mc Solid: Gospel drama, dance, name it all group. They are loose radicals for christ


Hep: So they had several performances right? Are you still with them?
Mc Solid: Let me say yes coz I still relate with d group. But I opted out 2006 to start ‘Solid classic Entertainment plus’ That’s d name of my company
Hep: Congrats on the birth of your company, what is Solid Classic entertainment about?
Mc Solid: Solid classic entertainment plus is a company that deals with entertainments….please quote my word it’s a gospel company….permit me to say it that way. We do strictly gospel, we go anywhere but we don’t go everywhere. Our mission is to help up & coming artistes to develop their gifts & also push them to where God is taking them to.


Hep: “doing strictly gospel comedy” hummm how has it being? Many folks love and do secular. Why the choice to go strictly comedy
Mc Solid: Also to let d body of Christ know that there are gospel comedians. It’s God’s given gift, we are meant to use it for him. Don’t forget I said we go anywhere but not everywhere. That means we also do secular jobs without saying odd words. But note: we don’t go to clubs
Hep: You organise Turaka, what’s Turaka about and what inspired it. Tell us more about it and your exploit
Mc Solid: Turaka means to cheer up and forget your worries. The concept is to get people to laugh away their sorrows and cheer up through gospel comedy. It is meant to give hope to the audience. TURAKA it’s a programme that was laid in my heart many years back, it’s a gospel comedy programme, also to evangelise d gospel of Jesus….Turaka goes to churches in a way of evangelism also to make d body of christ know that we have gospel comedians in Ibadan. Turaka has been to several states in Nigeria including Port Harcourt & Abuja. Turaka will be a year by 29th of June.


Hep: May God continue to strengthen you as you take the gospel through comedy to the nations. Behind every successful man there is a woman. I hear your wife and son are not in Nigeria, can u please share your experience as a ‘married-bachelor’*chuckles. The temptations…
Mc Solid: Yes am married to a lovely Lady by name Mrs Favour Onyibe.

God also blessed us with a baby boy. My wife & Son are in d United States of America.

I believe that when you have a vision & d vision is well understood by your wife, to carry it out won’t be a problem. Living alone as a married bachelor hasn’t been a problem to me coz I av a lot of guys that I work with & we are always together. I also talk to my wife everyday without hiding anything or keep anything away from her. If you call my wife @ any time to ask her my whereabouts, she will tell u coz I do update her about my movement. I won’t keep things out of talk coz we really need it….temptation is also high on my side based on my work not to talk of my wife not been around. What I believe is when u know where God is taking u to, you do away with all distractions.
Hep: I must commend the understanding and transparency between you and your wife. I pray, God would settle all that concerns you. Lastly, what’s your advice to up & coming comedians.
Mc Solid: My advice to up & coming comedians is that they should be consistent in what they do, prayers, hard-work, also to be sincere to themselves. God bless.
Hep: Thanks so much Mc Solid, its being illuminating chatting with you and thanks for sharing with us. Check Mc Solid’s youtube channel. From all of us here, we say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR STEPHEN ONYIBE: SOLID MINISTER FOR COMEDY.


Kindly drop your birthday wishes for mc solid

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5 comments on “Exclusive interview with Stephen Onyibe (MC SOLId)

  1. Abimbola Ifeoluwa interview ƛŋδ sense making.Solidfavour,kudos to u cos has really helped u durin mumsi’s absence ƛŋδ ∙̇∙̇∙̣̣̣̣̣̇̇̇∙̣̣̣̣̣̇̇̇∙̇∙̇ GD will continue to help u eldest bro.Happybirthday to u once again bro.luv u all.Solid,mumsi,my younger bro ƛŋδ interviewers.

  2. oluwadamilola

    Solid! Has been a great blessing to me in my studies and life as whole. Bigger him I pray IJN. Mc Solid, we pray that God will lead you through and God will bless your home. Regards to his wife Mrs Solid. HaPpY BiRtHdAY BoSs!!!

  3. oluwadamilola

    Solid! Is my oga at d top,he has been a blessing to my life in all ramification,higher nd bigger him I pray.God ll continue to bless nd uphold him.HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIGGEST BROTHER.

  4. Moyinoluwa olaoluwa

    Am just short of words,I don’t know what I can use to qualify u,U re jes one of a kind, egbon of life. Hapi bornday

  5. Solid is naturally gifted. Nice interview. Keep the good work bro.

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