Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida: Lessons

Hi guys, thanks for check up the blog today. I have being thinking of what to write on oh finally I figured lets talk about.


Toke Makinwa (Pixcredit @instagram)

Usually, am not given to ‘gossip’ nor celebrity gist but this one catches my attention. For some reasons 1. She is a mentor in the industry 2. You may not like her but you can’t deny her result.

Let’s know this, in our rush to judge people we must be objective about issues, learn the lessons and move on.
I have read many comments and stories about Toke Makinwa.
For those who dont know whats up, kindly oblige me as I share the report from
“The 18-months-old marriage of popular Nigerian radio personality, television host and vlogger, Toke Makinwa is in troubled waters.
The 30-year-old beautiful woman known for co-hosting The Morning Drive on Rhythm 93.7 FM got married to her on and off boyfriend, Maje Ayida(who
is also a health instructor) in a surprise wedding in 2014. The wedding, came as a surprise to many because it happened at a time when every onlooker
taught they might be parting away.
Yesterday, reports made it known that Maje Ayida has impregnated his former girlfriend, Anita Solomon and she is currently in the UK to deliver their baby.
According to Stella Dimorkokorkus, Anita is partly a Lebanese and partly Calabar. Anita is also a lawyer
who runs a beauty salon in Calabar. Ayida and Anita have been in a relationship for the past 8 years but
broke off briefly when he got married to Toke.”


(Toke and Make during their wedding January 2014. (Pixcredit-

Guess you know the story now *winks.
Whatever has happened to Toke irrespective, there are a lot of lessons to learn. I’ld share some of what I have learnt, please share yours.

1. Like Toke Makinwa disclosed this morning, on Instagram ‘I can’t reply everyone, (even though i honestly wish i
could.) It is Funny how God uses even the most unbelievable things to bless you. I have been given a voice, a platform, (i don’t even know how it’s all
happened) but I woke up one day and I found God and with that came purpose.
It’s never about you, as hard as it seems, sometimes you go thru things not for you but for the people
around you who need direction, a word of prayer or more. May God heal every broken heart out there, may his light give you the courage to begin to love
yourself. It is tough being a woman, the pressure is real. You don’t have to be a victim, you can rise above it all. Do not let society tell you otherwise. Be
Bold, Be Strong. Trust God’s purpose for your life


(Pixcredit-askDami @instagram)

2. We all have our battles and challenges only some are more public than the others. Permit me to say ‘those who live public life suffer public challenges’.

3. It is not about what has happened to you but what you make of it. I have read several comments of people criticising and condemning Toke for her show of strength on social mediums. And my question has being “must she hibernate from the public; bury her head in shame and cry around the corner?”



Like when my dad died, I become more conscious of my dressing, pictures on display on social media platforms, pms and other things. Largely because it was easy for people to draw conclusions that I had a set back because of my dad’s demise. Besides using crying Smileys would only draw self pity to myself. I needed to move on. So I don’t blame Toke Makinwa for the displays. Besides, if she goes weeping around, na we people go blame her too.
So Dear; no matter what happens keep shining and be courageous, have fun and be good. No allow people form unnecessary pity party for you. *winks

4. This particular lesson gave me goose pimples. Be a doer of what you preach. It’s so easy to preach the truth and expect other to follow it but how about a accepting and following the truth we preach ourselves. Sincerely speaking, I believe she must have seen some obvious signs of infidelity from Maje but guess she ignored it….
Many of us, ignore the truth about our lives especially when relationships/love talk is involved. Sincerely, I know its not easy, but the truth is You got to use your head and not your emotions only. We fit yab Toke and other babes in this category but why not take time to examine yourself too.

Anyway, I wish myself and everyone all the best. No matter the disappointment you face; Look up, Get up and never Quit.


Please share what you have learnt from this . thanks #hugs

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