Exclusive interview with Pst Goke Coker

My guest today is a big fish oh #idiomatically. Although am sure #in a whisper, he would not like this appellation. But anyway, #dancing shoki, its good to appreciate God’s grace on people’s lives. Less I forget, thanks for checking the blog today, (kindly check our other posts, they are specially prepared to bless you).*hugs#

Now more seriously, humility is a rare Christian virtue especially at a time like ours where people are position and popularity conscious. Kindly take some time with us, #grab some popcorn and a drink as we voyage through the life of this amazing servant of God and author of God’Fessions.

So permit me to present to some and introduce to many Pastor Goke Coker.
Goke Coker (pixcredit@instagram)

Hep: A very big thank you sir, for granting this interview, we appreciate you greatly. So how would you describe yourself sir?

Pst Goke Coker: I am GOKE Coker. A husband. Father..GOD seeker..servant…son.. Grace enabled minister of the same grace I have graciously received of the perfect God. Goke Coker is a passionate lover of people and an enthusiastic follower of God.
Goke Coke (pixcredit@instagram)

Hep: Awww. Permit me to say, you are humility redefined. In recent time we have few humble people. Kindly share your story and journey to Christianity with us, not leaving out any of the juicy details #my mischievous wink

Pst Goke Coker: Amazing journey, so far God has been God and his grace so amazing.

It’s been a walk of Grace. GOD proving His word true and being faithful to His promises. Born and grew up in the Ojuelegba area of Lagos amidst the social vices that were prevalent back then……. My early years were marked with tests and temptations that accompany street life in Ojuelegba, a part of Lagos, Nigeria, which was at that time besmirched with a variety of social ills, including: gang violence, riotous living and significant idolatry. The turning point in my life was my encounter with Jesus Christ (Salvation experience was at foursquare though), which has since blossomed into an affectionate and exemplary relationship.

I am a graduate of Economics from the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife and attended the Harvard-Kennedy School of Government with a certificate in Performance Measurement in the Effective Management of Non-profit Organizations (PMNO).

Getting caught up in some vices so early in life had negative effects on my education in college. I left the university after a total of 7 years for a course that I should have completed in 4 years.

Graduating from College with a Bachelors degree in Economics, in the late 1980′s without a job, left one rather disillusioned. I must have sent out well over 150 applications back then with no letter of acknowledgment talk less of an invitation for being on the shortlist from any of those organizations for a position after the possibility of being considered fit for employment in any capacity.

I had to start off in life as a Security Guard. I was working in that capacity while my classmates in the University were working as officers in the same financial institution in the Central Business District on Broad Street Lagos. To earn a little more, I had a second job on the other side of the city, as a night guard on the street at Ogudu GRA, around the Ojota axis. I would retire about 4.am every morning to catch a quick nap inside a “beer parlor” before heading out to my day job.

Right in the midst of all this, one became the byword and the typical example of a failure for most people, friends, even some family members who believed all hope was lost, a future so bleak filled with missed opportunities.

I knew there was more to life. I knew I had made mistakes and was searching for answers.

The watershed in my life came at the realization that God loves me and was ready to give me other chances. I trusted him, took the chance, extended my faith, and the rest is history.

I know where He picked me from; the journey has been an amazing one. I’m a living testimony of His mercy, grace, favor and loving kindness. My life is a glowing testimony of God’s unfailing love and incomparable ability to transform an ordinary boy into a significant man.
GokeCoker&his wife

Hep: awesome experience, I would say. God’s unfailing love is incomparable. God is doing amazing work thru you. So how do you stay spiritually refreshed. Kindly share tips that on having an unwavering faith

Pst Goke Coker: To God be all the glory. Prayer.. study.. meditation, trusting in God’s unfailing love and amazing grace. Knowing God for who He is and Not what you think he ought to be

Being a part of a church Family and service is so very important. I am so grateful for my Spiritual covering it’s a very crucial part of my Christian walk. Pastor and Pastor Mrs Paul Adefarasin have watched, spiritually fed and been there for me and family for over 2 decades. It’s a big part of my life
GokeCoker&family with Pst Paul Adefarasin

Hep: Pastor and Pastor Mrs Paul Adefarasin are such a blessing to this generation. That I know too well. Are they the only influences in your life and what is your take on submission to spiritual authority

Pst Goke Coker: In the Last 21 years through the fire and through the flood through the over half a decade wait for the fruit of the womb for us after marriage.. with all the growth process through life in Christ, it’s demands and ministry.. I say to the glory of God that they are. There is No authority in life but GOD and all delegated authority is of God.

Hep: That’s amazing #eyesout #21 years. That’s a great lesson in discipleship. And the wait on God for over half a decade? This is unwavering faith.

Pst Goke Coker: Thanks Ma. To God be the glory

Hep: You are an associate Senior pastor with the House on the Rock cathedral, what influences does it have on your life

Pst Goke Coker: It’s responsibility to Serve God..based on trust so one has to rely on God for Grace. Understand one’s place and remain loyal to the vision of the house. Give the Best and remain grateful for the opportunity.

Hep: Ministry they say is highly demanding, how have you being able to balance it with family life

Pst Goke Coker: The balance has to be worked on otherwise one will suffer. One has to make time for the family and understand what’s priority per time. Then give your best to the task
The cokers and Grandma
The sweet Angels

Hep: You are an author, but before we talk about the book(s) What largely inspired you to write

Pst Goke Coker: Well. It’s interesting that I’m being referred to as an author. Because the entire Godfessions book project didn’t start with the intention to write. It was me sending out prayer broadcast on a daily basis by divine instruction to my contacts on the BlackBerry messenger and from then the entire material became Confessions then we added scriptures, then we got favoured and introduced to Athorhouse publishers and now we have 4 books ready for publishing. GODFESSIONS 2 is due for release over this summer by His grace. The broadcast was sent daily over a year and so we divided the material into quarterlies so we have 4 books.

Hep: Yippee. Am so looking forward to it. So why ‘Godfessions’. What birth the title.

Pst Goke Coker: In the course of sending out the Prayers, I got calls from friends all over encouraging me to publish the material which came as confirmation of the divine instruction. I got talking with a friend and brother who just mentioned Godfession. When I gave the description. “Daily Confession of God’s Word and promises” He said a new word is born and I said a new brand is birthed…

Hep: When was Godfessions first published

Pst Goke Coker: 2012 By Authourhouse publishers.

Hep: I listen to Godfessions on Praiseworld Radio.(now, if you are a Christian and lover of Gospel content, you better start to listen to praiseworld Radio, don’t worry, its an online Christian radio and it doesn’t consume (chop) Megabyte) Sincerely its is being a great morning starter for me. Without doubt, I know it has blessed many lives, like mine, would you please share some of the testimonies.

Pst Goke Coker: Wow.. Amazing.. It’s so much on a daily basis. From prayer lives being revived.. to deliverance from all manner of evil; Health being restored. Relationships being mended; Children realigning; Churches adopting the book as book of the month consistently for years, etc all to the glory of our God.

Hep: Hallelujah! thank God for testimonies. So how can people get/ encounter Godfessions.


Pst Goke Coker: The Material has been made available on some other platforms beside the book in English language. The manuscript has been translated into Arabic. French. Spanish. Hindi. Kiswahilli. Ibo. Yoruba and Hausa. The last 3 language translation have been converted into audio files. It’s available as VAS service with the Telcos. The Godfessions mobile App in English is currently available on the Apple store. Google Play Store. The BlackBerry World and for phones that run on windows. The vision is to make Godfession accessible to everyone who desires it without language or formal education, literacy or national borders being a limitation. We intend to do the same with the other books and get more translations as we deem needed

Hep: So true. i feel this question is someone’s outcry. “Pst Goke, I have being confessing God’s word for my life but am yet to see any manifestations” what advice would you give the person

Pst Goke Coker: Keep Speaking God wants to do.. believe it and God Never fails. Remember Romans 10vs10 ‘With the heart man believes and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation’.

Hep: Thanks so much sir. You are a blessing. Truly those with the biggest influences don’t make noise about it. Am greatly honoured and delighted.

(don’t be jealous oh, #mymischievouswink, I got prayers from Pst Goke and I published it oh)

Pst Goke Coker: I’m so glad you are happy. I Pray this blesses His people and advances your cause too. I am so humbled by this. God bless you so much. I Pray that Men see your work and glorify OUR father in heaven.

Hep: thanks so much sir.

Thanks to you for reading, kindly make sure that you get your copy of Godfession, it’s a good read for your spiritual growth, especially as you embark on a journey of daily confessions of God’s word over your life. What you confess is what you have oh. So make sure you confess positivity over your life. God’s work has being tested and it is confirmed. You can follow pst Goke on instagram @adegokecoker

#myhugsndkisses, thanks for reading.

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