Clash of Religions

Sincerely I didn’t intend to write this. Its the only way I could keep myself busy.
I was travelling (I need say I can travel for Africa oh! lolz) and the journey was for about 3 hours.


Usually when am travelling I like to read, listen to music or sleep just something to occupy myself and save time. So on this fateful day, I took a copy of Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’s “Americanah”. Actually I had read the book before but I just felt like reading again. So once in the bus even before we took off I brought out the book from my bag, started to read.
We took off…
Then someone asked that we pray. I closed d book and joined in the prayers. I need let you know that I greatly appreciate believers who lead prayers in bus. After the prayers, this passenger started preaching. Sincerely I had issues with some of the things he said but who am I to judge. I need clarify that it was more of a doctrinal difference sha. Am of the option that the gospel of Christ is not of condemnation but of love and redemption.
Now wait for this because this is the main gist…
Did you know that whilst he preached , a Muslim cleric started prayers in Arabic. The prayers and citations were so loudly that we could barely hear the preacher. Anyway when the preacher finished his sermon. The cleric turned to argue with the preacher. The cleric was so forceful eh. He ended by warning the preacher sternly. I actually thought that was the end oh! Until the cleric resumed the citations and prayers in Arabic with renewed vigor.
Surprising the cleric is a very young man compared to the preacher who is obviously older. Sometimes the clash of religion is something oh!
I also recall another day I was travelling. Shooo the muslim cleric bored the hell out of me with his prayers and citations.
What I think is there should be no religious clash, we should learn to respect one another’s religious stance. We should worship and call on God without disturbing or boring someone else out especially in public places.
Would love to hear from you, what do you think?

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