Hi guys, guess you are good?
I would be sharing some tips with you today. These are tips are courtesy Pastor Jerry like we are fondly call him. Adediran Jeremiah Adeoye is a coach, publisher cum publishing consultant and an author. Jeremiah Adediran is also the Director of Spring publishing School.
I was greatly blessed by the post so I though to share you. The good thing is I waited for five days to get to read all but you can have it all in a few minutes.

So let’s get started,


Day 1
Lack of full knowledge about the business: Many people have invested their life treasures in a business that they know little or nothing about and they have a bad testimony. Before you start, research well and ensure that you have the full knowledge,don’t invest because someone doing it is look good or because people are telling you that it is a good venture.

Day 2
Absence of the business owner: You may not be there all the time but at the time you are starting, the owner should be there to ensure that the desired business culture&structure is in place, staff and customers must identify and buy into the vision. There is no specific duration but at least 1 month. After this, you can visit at your scheduled time either once a week,month or year for monitoring,if you can’t, then your spouse or someone with integrity should do that if you can’t hire a consultant.

Day 3
Staff Problem: Some startup entrepreneurs employ more staff than they need at the start,soon both the employer and employee realises that company turnover can’t cover for overhead. Some staff also kill the company gradually by involving in all kinds of illegal acts. Some CEOs too don’t know that showing care to their staff keep them commited than huge pay. Never joke with issue of your staff,because they help in achieving the goals.

Day 4
Success stories: Many businesses started by taking great risks. Soon after they break even they don’t want to take greater risks because of the fear that may lose,risks like creating other products/services,expansion into new territory e.t.c. Innovations&risks help great businesses last. Keep moving!

Day 5
Inability to reproduce excellence: Many organisations that started by attracting customers because of their excellent way of doing things stop or lose that touch of excellence with time, either consciously or unconsciously. Excellence must be continually reproduce to be able to stand tall.

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