I didn’t feel like pursuing a postgraduate program because my dad died 2 months prior to the admission exams. 16 of us were admitted out of about 200 that wrote the exams and we began lectures. Then I started my dissertation. I spent five months writing, submitting, correcting and re-submitting Chapter One. 2 weeks to... Continue Reading →

Beauty for ashes

#memoriesfromlastweekend So I was scheduled to attend a wedding last weekend (#bythewayikindalikeowambesespecially4#Nigerianjollofrice😝but for some unknown reasons I choose to attend mama @tinutemi 's program #Beauty4Ashes. Big ups to @thisatinuke for posting that she wud be in town (#by the way, apart from S.M it was my first time meeting her, nd she is adorable). So... Continue Reading →

Whose standards?

Someone sent me a message saying"...judging by the standards of people around me, I am not.....enough". That seriously got me thinking. By whose standards do you judge your life? Who has the measuring stick/gauge to your life? Would you rather follow man's judgement to God's? I honestly think it's time to set the standards for... Continue Reading →

Stand out confession

#standoutConfession "Dear God, I thank you for this stage and a time like this in my life. I thank you for creating me specially. For all the blessings you have bestowed on me, I am grateful. I declare that in my studies, I excel. I read, I assimilate, I recall. I understand what my teachers... Continue Reading →

Overcoming fear

So I was speaking to some teenagers on "overcoming their fears". During my research in preparation for the speech I googled (fears of teenagers) I was shocked at the statistics. A lot of teenagers have very strange and undisclosed fears such as fear of Examinations, fear of parents, teachers, failures, peer pressure, acceptance and many... Continue Reading →

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