Beauty for ashes

So I was scheduled to attend a wedding last weekend (#bythewayikindalikeowambesespecially4#Nigerianjollofrice😝but for some unknown reasons I choose to attend mama @tinutemi ‘s program #Beauty4Ashes.
Big ups to @thisatinuke for posting that she wud be in town (#by the way, apart from S.M it was my first time meeting her,

nd she is adorable). So I attended without any specific expectations but d moment I entered d venue, I just knew I had to get blessed.

Mama @tinutemi ‘s words that got me struck were “a total woman with a distinct voice”. At the sound of that my heart leaped.

Wud share some very important things I learnt at the meeting.

#1. You need to know who you are.

#2. Have a relationship with God, spend time with God.

#3. The relationships in your life are important. #whoyouknow #whoknowsyou

#4. Life is not about marriage first :mrgreen::mrgreen:🙌😝 #singles, youhearthatoh!!!

#5. Find your purpose, stay in your purpose

#6. Find yourself.

#7. There are destinies attached to you. If you find your purpose, others people will thru you find theirs.

#8. Knowledge is power.

#9. Find God’s will for every season of your life.
I particularly loved the Q&A segment…and when mummy @ Mrs Bosede Ogunlana, dealt with some relationship issh eh…I cud barely sit still. And one thing she said that struck the most was “pray in the spirit EVERY TIME”

I enjoyed every moment I spend there.

It was a well planned event in celebration of mama @tinutemi ‘s birthday and 22nd wedding anniversary with plenty to eat (#soistillate#nigerianjollof , so it didnt matter whether it was at an #owambe or conference) and gifts. #anotherlessonlearnt # watch the company you keep. The calibre of friend’s mama Tinu has eh!!! #theyareproven #spiritual #anointed #doingexploits #beautiful

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  1. That was a loaded meeting indeed. Loaded with spiritual, intellectual and physical benefits(physical as in food things… Lol) . All the nine points listed above are so on point. They are life guides. I particularly like the points on purpose. When a person walks on the path of purpose he/she will attract/meet the right person(s) whom God has ordained for him/her as collaborators for destiny fulfilment.

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