Overcoming fear

So I was speaking to some teenagers on “overcoming their fears”.

During my research in preparation for the speech I googled (fears of teenagers) I was shocked at the statistics. A lot of teenagers have very strange and undisclosed fears such as fear of Examinations, fear of parents, teachers, failures, peer pressure, acceptance and many others. The most shocking was fear of death or suicide. In my mind I was like ‘that can’t be true jo’. To confirm this during my speech I took a statistics, a few of them actually mentioned ‘fear of death!’ My God, my jaw dropped! I literally had to take the time to explain to them that they didn’t have to live in the fear of death. That fear is from the devil. Suicide should never be a resort. They had to keep confessing the word of God.
Here are some tips I shared with them on how to overcome their fears.
1. Face your fears: Many teenagers have academic fear. Of all the subjects mathematics is most dreaded. A simple strategy is this ‘take at least 30 minutes every day to work maths and memorise the formula’. Thankfully one of my mentees is already doing that and her grades have improved.
2. Mental Reconditioning: victory starts from the mind and until you see yourself succeed you won’t. On the fear of parents and teachers, condition your mind that “your parents love you” &”your teachers are there to serve you”. Your greatness is their ultimate priority. Even if it doesn’t look like it especially at times when you are reprimanded.
3. Mind your confession: you become what you talk. Talk failure, have failure.
4. Environmental control: you might not be able to change your family background/house but you can determine those you surround yourself with.
5. Pray: Pray Pray Pray. God longs for you heartfelt prayers. Remove the faΓ§ade/pretenses when praying. Jesus is the real deal and he longs to hear you. “you HAVE not because you ASK not”. Enhance forth, dear Teen kill the fear and SOAR! You are more than your fears! #standout




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