Stand out confession


“Dear God, I thank you for this stage and a time like this in my life. I thank you for creating me specially.

For all the blessings you have bestowed on me, I am grateful.
I declare that in my studies, I excel. I read, I assimilate, I recall. I understand what my teachers teach me. I have the mind of God. I cannot be confused. My thoughts are clear and well processed. My teachers are blessed.
I declare over my family, my parents are blessed. My siblings are flourishing. We eat in plenty and we are satisfied. There is peace and joy in our home. Destruction and sadness is far from us.
Over my country, I declare (Nigeria)is a blessed land. I declare our leaders are taught and led by God. Our land is fruitful. My family and I eat the good of the land. Peace and harmony is our lot.
I (insert your name), I am beautiful, handsome, brilliant, bold and successful. I have the wisdom for witty inventions. All I lay my hands upon flourishes. I am more than failure, sadness, depression, peer pressure, bullying, abuse and all forma of negativity.
I (insert name) am a success story. My world will celebrate me and kings will come to the rising of my light.

I stand out

I am distinguished for greatness and excellence!!!!! In Jesus name (Amen)” complied by #teamTHI

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