i am unashamed

When I got the opportunity for this photoshoot I prayed. Am sure that's sounds overly spiritual right? But I Prayed! I asked God to direct me and give me postures that were prophetic especially with respect to my journey in 2017. God answered. I am not on competition with anyone. My scars are mine and... Continue Reading →

Starting Strong

It's no more new that's its a new year 2017. So let me formally welcome y'all to YEEAAARR 2017. I strongly believe its a goodly year. So many blessings are in the year. Tap into it oh!!! In the spirit of starting strong I had a photo session courtesy of PixHub. Pix Hub is a... Continue Reading →

The Palm Tree

From the Haven President *Characteristics of a Palm Tree* - 1.. It grows straight heavenward 2. It overtops all other trees 3. The Palm tree cast the least shadow... it does not interfere with the growth of its neighbors by hindering the rain or sunshine 4.. The Palm tree is softest at heart - 5.... Continue Reading →

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