The Palm Tree

From the Haven President
*Characteristics of a Palm Tree* –
1.. It grows straight heavenward
2. It overtops all other trees
3. The Palm tree cast the least shadow… it does not interfere with the growth of its neighbors by hindering the rain or sunshine
4.. The Palm tree is softest at heart –
5. The Palm tree has the fewest roots which is sufficient to maintain its upright position
6. The Palm tree will not be repressed! When it starts to grow, even if you put a stone on it, it will lift that stone or grow around it and continue to grow heavenward!
7. The older the Palm tree, the more abundant, luscious and sweeter are it’s fruits.
8. The dust of the desert does not accumulate on the Palm tree (it accumulates on other trees) – I am free from all earthy contamination!
9. The Palm tree shows the place of water… it’s roots go deep to find the place of water even in dry places!
10. The Palm tree is perennially green throughout all seasons!
11. Each and every part of a Palm tree is useful!
…my meditation on how I flourish!

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