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Starting Strong

It’s no more new that’s its a new year 2017. So let me formally welcome y’all to YEEAAARR 2017. I strongly believe its a goodly year. So many blessings are in the year. Tap into it oh!!!

In the spirit of starting strong I had a photo session courtesy of PixHub.

Pix Hub is a state of the heart digital imaging company in the city of Ibadan.They offer digital photography services, with the objectives of creating lasting memories with passion and enthusiasm, capturing every emotion and details in a friendly and creative atmosphere.

While my make up was done by the amazing Gla_Midas_faces. All ye brides to be and celebrants contact her oh! She is a professional at makeup, gele typing, facials, hair styling. Just name it anything Glamorous look, it’s her specialty. Y’all can call her




The new model of gla_Midas_faces

Hepzibah Olokode holds a master’s degree in English from the University of Ilorin. She is passionate about building moral rectitude in Teenagers. Hence the establishment of The Hephzibah Initiative (THI). Hepzibah is an inspirational speaker, event planner, media content provider and a Baker. She loves to read, research, sing and travel. Her mantra is “I belong to the fellowship of the Unashamed, our kind can’t experience shame. Always victory” Join us on this pictorial journey

Isn’t she an amazing Model?

Oh! I forgot to mention that the Professionalism and hospitality at PixHub is top notch. Pay them a visit and mention my name #winks, you wud definately get some goodies.

Special shout out to @laurentta @Dammy & @Sister Moji for my wardrobe.and @esther 4 impression salon for my hair

Y’all should drop comments and expectations for the year 2017

Hellloooo, Welcome to my “Bee” world. I am Hephzibah Olokode. I’m a 20 something year old lady currently living in Ibadan, a city in Nigeria. I am glad to have this opportunity to share not only my thoughts, life and journey but also share the life and journey of others with you on this platform. With the sole aim of inspiring you to be a better version of yourself, ‘Hephzybee’ is a blog that focuses on lifestyle, relationship and other inspirational media contents aimed at wide range of audiences so there is something for everybody. I feel there is going to be a lot in store, so join me and together lets enjoy this ride

20 comments on “Starting Strong

  1. Fortune Olisenekwu

    Yes I got what I’m looking for and someone who can show me how. Thanks hephzy. 2017 is making sense already. I sensed it from the first day and its gonna keep happening

  2. Laurentta

    Mheen when saw those pics am like is that my friend hephzybah? I see flourishing everywhere, luxuriant growth, significant attainment and persistent productivity. 2017 hahahahahahahahahahha is gonna be like never before calling things that are not as thou they wre

  3. Anonymous

    This is wow…….I love pics

  4. Israelokode

    I can’t stop crushing on my own lovely blooded sister. You are more than Fabulous and beautiful…keep shining #NOmanCANkeepUdown

  5. This is lovely dear. The pictures are out of this world

  6. Anonymous

    This is really nice Swthrt…… God is gat ur back….. Happy New Year

  7. Dunni Dada

    Soo lovely
    U are almost as beautiful as Dunni *Winks*
    Bur surely this is our season of greater glory,
    Keep it up sis.

  8. Rebecca Okon

    Wow this is great babe u are looking beautiful

  9. This is beautiful and keep up the good work. Special thanks to gla_midas_faces and pixhub.Greater glory

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