i am unashamed

When I got the opportunity for this photoshoot I prayed.

Am sure that’s sounds overly spiritual right? But I Prayed! I asked God to direct me and give me postures that were prophetic especially with respect to my journey in 2017. God answered.

I am not on competition with anyone. My scars are mine and mine alone NOT for your comparison.

I have many scars and sometimes the puzzles of my life never seem to fit but have learnt to evolve. I have learnt to be strong for others even in my own pain. I will never have answers to all my teeming questions. Never, but perhaps maybe when I get to heaven. If not overwhelmed by Heaven’s beauty, I might just remember to ask the master! But for now, Just like the butterfly, I MUST shed, I need to grow, I MUST go thru metamorphosis.
But every stage of it is hard. In the last three years, From my dad’s death to a 2 failed relationships to a near rape incident to financial challenges and debts, to rejection and verbal assaults to robbery and most recently the death of my elder brother. 😈😈😈😈😈

Alas, by God’s Grace, I survived and will still survive whatever may come. With the WOES have also come several SUCCESSES!!! In the heat of this present pain, the Holy Spirit took me back to this picture, my head lifted up shows my looking to God, one eye covered shows the struggles and pain while the open eyes shows HOPE. Yes HOPE, because God got me covered!!! God has me tattooed on his hand. Oh what joy!!! NB: people always say “sorry dear oh, I understand how you feel” but I realised they don’t, emphatically, they CANNOT. The theme may be the same but the plot/storyline and characters are NEVER the same.

I don’t need your pity or sorry party. Be encouraged if God has brought me thru then He will help you too. Just stay connected to him. Cause all things are working together for my good. The messer the mess the greater the message.
This is my story and I am

#unashamed #Godsselfie #tattooofGod #dontbequicktojudge #dontenvyme #mygracejourney #amstillhere #willbe4long

2 thoughts on “i am unashamed

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  1. This is soul lifting, inspiring and awesome. It could have come from only a strong person. You are really a strong woman and I appreciate you for that.
    It is true that God would not allow His children to experience more pain than they could bear. God is faithful and I believe all this are part of a phase that has since gone by and He has opened a new chapter in your life. Yea, a new chapter of comfort, restoration, compensation, double honour and glory.
    It is highly commendable and I celebrate you that you decided to inspire and encourage many others through your personal unpleasant experiences.
    I was amazed to read this.

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