God shut me in

This was written by my dear mentor and mama @Doyinsola Ogunbiyi

mrs doyin ogunbiyi. I trust it will bless you like it did me. Nd i must say please be free to follow her on Facebook. She is such a wisdom bank. Just about 2 hours with her and i had an explosive pyramid shift….in due time would share some of the life lessons she shared with me with y’all. She captioned this,

I have always thought that Noah was safe inside the Ark because he built it according to God’s specifications.
I thought that perhaps it was the strength of the gopher wood and the soundness of the architecture that ensured that the waters of the flood would not come into the Ark but yesterday, I encountered a verse that shifted this whole paradigm.
Listen to what Genesis 7:16 says
“The animals going in were male and female of every living thing, as God had commanded Noah.
Don’t miss this. Even after Noah had built the Ark, it was God Himself who shut him in, in order to shut out the waters of the flood!
Oh! may God Shut you in!
In other translations this verse says,
“The Lord sealed them inside.”
May the God I serve seal you inside His Ark of protection!
It is not the fact that you have locked your house that keeps you safe at night.
It is not your good driving that keeps you safe on the road, neither is it your healthy eating habits that keep you healthy.
Only God can shut you in, and shut out the devil that is seeking to devour you!.
Father, we pray that as we walk out into the streets, as we drive on the roads, as we sleep and wake up,
“Oh God, shut us in!
Father we pray for our children, that in the midst of abusers and molesters, God shut them in!.
Keep out the flood waters of abuse, rape, murder, car accidents, disease and death.
Oh God, shut us in!
Lift up your hands and say “God, shut me in!”
Shut me in into your Ark of protection, into your Ark of Love, into your Ark of compassion.
God, Shut me in.
The devil can’t do me no harm..!
Be blessed, not only for today but always
MAY GOD SHUT YOU IN… written by Doyinsola Ogunbiyi

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