Teen Depression

On the 10th of June I attended a “teen seminar’ organized by The Teenage Ministry of the All Saints Baptist church, Jericho, Ibadan, 2017. I must applaud them for the initiative. It was well organized, well attended and impactful.

The theme was “depression in teens”. Honestly speaking when I first saw the theme, wasn’t quite comfortable but I attended although I kinda felt the theme was somehow ‘old-schoolish’ and academic but my quest for knowledge and love for teenagers got the better part of me. So I attended. I was so glad I did. The speaker, a consultant psychiatrist from the University college Hospital spoke extensively on the issue of teenager depression. He mentioned a lot of things but some things really stood out for me. So I would be sharing.

Please be free to Share or Repost. We need to shield the light and rescue the perishing

First, research shows that ‘depression now starts from pre-teens’ and ‘one out of every eight teen suffers depression’ this statistics is disheartening I must confess, so we all have more work to do.

Second, deducing from the questions the teenagers asked during the Q&A, most teenagers are suffering from the feeling of worthlessness. Let me explain further, this they attributed to their parents. Most of them complained of their parents being tooooo busy with every other thing but them. Dear parents but why?

Third, teenagers get depressed as a result of inadequacy or rather not meeting up to the expectations of their parents with regards to their grades. So then again we see the parental factor. I am not in support of poor grades but parents and teachers alike need to improvise plausible options for this.

Fourth, this really got at me. Most teenagers are depressed because of relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend/crush) issues. I even heard of a fight between two SS 3 girls in a school that happened over dating or not dating an SS3 boy. But why? I will attribute this desire to be in a relationship by fire or by focus to feels of worthlessness. Many teenagers feel they are not loved by their parents hence thy search for love in unwanted places. Also, I will attribute this to social media and peer pressure influences.

So after all the issues raised here are a few solutions proffered. Parents! Parents! Get genuinely involved in your child’s life. Be patient, tolerant and kind to them. Express genuine love to them.

Also, Dear teenagers, you are responsible for the decisions you make. The decision you make NOW will make or mar your life. Don’t make permanent decision based on temporary situations. Also, No One can make you feel Worthless without your permission. You have to give your mind the permission to succeed and believe you can be beautiful, fabulous, intelligent and successful.

Finally, it’s a collective work, lets all join hands and contribute (a little ‘hello’, a little ‘what are you doing’, a ‘little encouragement here and there. A little scolding), lets rescue the perishing and care for the dying.

I was glad I attended the seminar, and I count the teenagers who attended the seminar privileged but how about the many other teenagers outside there.

Olokode Hepzibah


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