Anger Rant

so am angry and am just going to tell y’all why i am

I dont get it can someone please explain to me the rationale behind using your MOBILE PHONES to taking photoshoots and record videos during burial/ interment services.


haba Charlie how can? its the burial of some young person (okun ofo ni ke).
and some would even post it on social media.

I don’t get the motive of doing that oh. Is it some souvenir for you or what?

please show some respect. the family of the deceased are mourning, let them mourn in peace. why keep such interment records. Are you the official photographer or record keeper?

some people sha. they cry more than the beveared… and its just eye service oh

But more seriously speaking have you every had a rethink, what if the wife/husband/children of the deceased sees the pictures later on, am sure they would hail you by shouting

wehdone sir

NB: Uncle Falz pliz dont vex that i used your pishure oh…..

image source: Mr&MrsGoogle in #JenifasVoice

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