Who am I

Who am I?
Everyone ponders this question at some point in their life. Do we know who
we are? Do our roots or the things we have seen, places we have been, form
us? Are we caught up in the life we have lived or the things our dreams are
made of? Is that where we find ourselves?
What is responsible for our individual patterns? Our peculiar loves or the
thoughts that take center-stage in our minds? Are we led to believe that we
are who we are by the inner voice that speaks to us, shapes our minds and
guides us through life?
I would like to believe that we are the sum of all our experiences, and
that since our lives are constantly unfolding, we are incapable of totally
understanding who we are. We learn ourselves as we grow, and only when
we are dead and gone and our memories are all we have left in this world,
then will the question ‘Who am I?’ be replaced with
Who was I?
What did I live for?
What did I do?
What did my life stand for?
Hopefully, then, the puzzle surrounding the question will be solved.
We are told who we are supposed to be from the moment we are born.
Grownups reel out a list of names that distinguish us, names that may tell a
deeper story. They tell us if we are male or female. We learn about the colour
of our skin from them and they introduce us to foods they think we ought
to eat. From the choices they make for us when we are unable to think for
ourselves, a sense of what is expected of us is born. We grow up believing all
of it, and as we come of age we begin an almost desperate quest to find the
answer to this question.
The question of who we are is a journey to an unknown destination, yet we
choose to believe that we are familiar with this destination. We choose this
because it is ultimately what keeps us growing and going. It is a sign of hope.
Hope that keeps us holding on even though we can’t see the end of the
tunnel. We grasp that hope because it is all we have till we finally end up
where we are supposed to be.
Welcome to a world of me, on a mission to find out who I am. I am Becoming.
All of it.

The rise and fall… the pain and victory.
Culled from Toke Makinwa’s “On Becoming”.

NB: at the time of this point this was my #myexactstateofmind #findingthemissinglink thats what we all have to do daily


Please the book “On Becoming’ is a very interesting read, i love the author’s tell-it-all style of writing although i felt it was too revealing but either ways its her style. Please if yet to read it, please do. I also love the vulnerability of the author. Some thing about our truthfulness liberates and frees but either ways, no matter how you feel about the book, for me its a matter of owning your own story and controlling the narrative.

If you have read it, kindly comment, what you know your take on it.

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