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So today, lets gist abouuuuuuut folks with most unpredictable moods…

Abeg sit don make we yarn. So I was on board for a particular project, about 10 of us were on the team. Actually I was the newest addition and that kinda meant I didn’t know the behavior of the team mates. The first 6 days of the project, I noticed this particular gloomy and boring lady. (pliz i dont mean to be rude oh) and trust me, I immediately told my self, she was a no go area. I will just follow peace with all men and of cause we will be cool like that. So imagine my shock on the 7th day when this lady was all laughing, playing and hyper excited. Honestly, the first thing I thought was that she hit a jackpot oh. She was so happy and poor me, was so confused. Please don’t get me wrong, am not a hater. I just could not marry the two personalities together. Then I heard another team member say, oh lady sosos and so is happy today, tomorrow now, who knows what to expect.

Then it clicked.

She was the current ‘president of the mood swing gang’

Now, like i earlier said i don’t mean to be a hater, far from it but common guys, i too was once the ‘president of the mood swing gang ke!’ So we connected, just like that!

You see let me explain further, writing about mood swings is quite ironic for me because I USED to be President mood swing club!IMG-20161227-WA0003#introducing the one time president, mood swing club #winks

Now, have learnt and am constantly making efforts to improve my mood. As a matter of fact my new mantra is ‘create your happiness’ and ‘joy is fruit of the spirit ke!! Then, one moment i was happy and the next moment just glloooommmyyyy. The sad part was I never had a reason to be gloomy oh. I remember a day I was out on a date with this dude, very cool dude oh! My God, we planned the date together oh. I even picked the venue as par Miss cinema, so this dude came to pick me in my house, and all on the way to the cinema I was moody for NO reason oh! The sad part or rather the unreasonable part was that I had anticipated the date. But i too could not explain the mood. he tried all the funny funny things to cheer me up but No way. it didnt work. as a matter of fact it looked like the witches in my fathers village were having a meeting that day against my happiness. #chuckles. The dude was so confused eh. But guess what immediately we got into the screen room and the movies started showing I became very happy. For no apparent reason. Then after the movies my mood lightened oh. Nd I realizing I had ruined the date, I tried to make up by at least making our journey back home interactive for. So for where, the make up plan didn’t work oh. The dude just paid me back in his own coin… then it was my turn to feel badddd. Dont blame him oh.

But seriously speaking, we all have to be mindful of how we carry our feeling on our heads like crowns. You don’t have to be too or over emotional. I checked up the mr and mrs google (if google wre human, will it be male or female?) here’s what i found on mood swings… ”

“A mood swing is simply a noticeable change in one’s mood or emotional state. Everybody has mood swings and they are a natural part of most people’s lives. We get happy, we get sad. We have a period of feeling on top of the world, and then later in the same day, we feel tired, lethargic and beaten down. Small mood swings are a part of most people’s lives. However, some people’s mood swings are so extreme, rapid or serious, that they interfere with that individual’s functioning in everyday life. Bipolar disorder is the best example of a disorder that is characterized by mood swings — from manic to depressed.”

Long story short, lets control our emotions and not allow our emotions control us. Everyone has some problem they are dealing with…… Its okay to have mood swings but don’t be ruled by it.

Who mood swing help self?

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