Get out of your way



It’s a new month

And it the seventh month meaning we are in the second half of the year 2017.

How time flies right?

Time does fly oh! Really, I mean, when did we just shout ‘Happy New Year’ ke?

But that’s the way of life oh. In no time, it will be December 2017 oh?

So, how has the year being for you? I(take a min to answer)

Anyway, for me January to June, 2017 was being quite very eventful. A lot of experiences, good, bad, ugly, success, challenges but am grateful to still be standing. And most importantly have reached some of my goals for the year. Moral of all my gist, do an appraisal of the months spent and set new goals for the remaining 6 months.

So I remember at the beginning of the year I met with one of my daddies and pastor, Rev Albert Femi Oduwole, and I recalling telling him how busy I was at that time; I had a lot on my plates and I didn’t really know how best to handle them. Then he said and I quote, “Hepzibah, you are never going to get less busy, you have to learn to juggle them all and know what is important in each season”. That just stayed with me. Honestly, its not easy juggling all, but gradually am getting better at it, you too should.

True to his words, I have only gotten busier…Right now, its like I work three jobs (my salaried job, my confectionaries business and my blog) and that is besides my NGO. Oh my world, and am so enjoying it.THE HEPHZY PLACE

My advice to you this remaining part of the year is to get out of your own way. I realized that many of us actually stand in our own way with our self limiting beliefs and ideas. This should not be so. You have got to cheer yourself up and keep moving. At some point I realized I was limiting myself, so I decided to exceed my limits.

So quickly, how do you exceed you limits? I will also share my newest 7 super tips. Guys, hi tips have worked and are still working for me.

  1. Crave the wisdom of God.
  2. Be on the look out for and grab You see before, I use to limit myself about opportunities, but now, I see an opportunity I just plug in. Let me buttress this with an experience. Some weeks back, on a Monday morning, at about 7am some dude walks up to me, and ask for my phone number. Really, at 7am on a Monday morning? He too was actually on his way to work, but according to him “I could not afford to miss this svelte” I actually gave him my number. Actually I tripped for the confident and boldness. Then later on when we got talking, I asked why he asked for my number he said and I quote ‘I told myself that I will rather go ask and she says No that to live in the regret of not asked or keep expecting to stumble into her again) nd that’s how it is with opportunities. Don’t wait, Don’t over process it, just GRAB it. (the worse answer will be a NO, I you get that, just move to the next one simple.)
  3. I like this particular one “Don’t deceive yourself” see its just a prove on no self love if you deceive yourself. You are only harming your self oh! Figure it out. Do a proper self appraisal and work on whatever needs to work on. If you need help, ask for it. Font die in ignorance or folly. Simply
  4. Don’t worry. Just take your burden to God in prayers. Worry crumbles you. Don’t give it a breathing ground. Besides, who worry help!
  5. Be confident. Also, you have to give yourself the permission to succeed. There is difference between confidence and pride. Confident is a fine perfume. Nd just like perfumes it can be perceived.
  6. Focus on improving yourself. Invest in yourself. Avoid poking your nose into someone else matter. You know the saying about the log of wood and the speck? REMOVE your OWN LOG! Live and let others live oh! Mind ya business. Be busy in the business of improving yourself.IMG_20160825_075610

and finally

7. Have faith in God. I cant over emphasize the place of God oh. Have faith in God, pray, study the word and don’t stop speaking the word.

So guys, that’s my take oh!

Don’t forget its not too late to set new goals, work out your goals. Hardwork does not kill anyone. Clear your clatter and focus on the grind.

I love you.

Nd pls help me hustle. Share, Repost, subscribe , Like etc my blog. Subscription is free!!!20170701_151125

Nb: I welcome suggestions as well.

I love you.

Go on and live life Fabulously.


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  1. This is a good one I like. It is really encouraging, I like number 3 more; don’t do urself is wat I will call it, mase ara e”. Keep it up dear.

    Liked by 1 person

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