Hephzy in Gberefu Island

I went to the Land of No Return!!!

But I returned!!

Cos I am triumphant ke!!! lolzIMG_20170702_145826So I was in Badagry over the weekend #dancing. All my Badagry people I hail oh!

Although this was not my first time in Badagry, I had passed by a few times on my way to Ghana, but this was the first time i stayed a few days. i really enjoyed my stay.

Badagry is a very beautiful coastal town on the outskirts of Lagos which borders Seme and Benin Republic.This town conceals a gruelsome history and has a lot of tourist attractions like the first primary school, Mobee Slave Relic Museum, the first Nigerian storey building, Vereteke shrine, slave trade relics, Agia museum,Whispering Palms Resort and several others.

We visited the Mobee Palace Marina, from there we had a boat ride to the historical Gberefu Island also known as the Point of No Return which was a major slave port that was in operation in 1473 during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade era. Once the slaves kidnapped from several villages landed and were sold to the slave traders, they swore an oath at the attenuation well never to return to the land again.

Would you believe if i told you that at that time, 40 slaves were sold for a few umbrellas and guns while about 10 slaves were sold for bottles of alcohol and Gin? It beats my imagination. Am glad i was not born in that era. but this all still points back to man’s inhumanity to man. Am sometimes forced to think the slave trade still exist tho…

Plus, please do not be deceived by all the beautiful and playful pictures i have here, a lot of havoc was wrecked on this Island. As a matter of fact, there’s not much left to see. And History as a subject is gradualy fading off in secondary schools. “In 1852, when the Slave Trade Abolition Treaty was signed by Badagry chiefs, there was a clause in the agreement that stated that all the implements used during the trade be destroyed, in a bid to wipe off the record of the slave trade from Badagry”. But can it be wiped off? Thankful, the Museum still houses some of these relics.

(playful me building a sand castle, Did you play the sand game?)

Although currently the road to Badagry is not in so good shape. I would however commend the current effort of the Lagos state Government in renovating the Island. The renovation is still on going. But i really do wish there will be more speed on the project.

By the way I like Badagry names : Medeyonmi, Senami, Sesi, Wusu, Sewanu, Seweyon, Tadayon, Jesuyon amongst other. Who knows, i might look for a Badagry name. #thinking out loud

Importantly, shout out to all the wonderful people I met in Badagry like Debo, Kenny, Charles, Sewayon, Kofo, Femi, Sesi, Sammy, Chichi, and my amazing host and hostess Tosin and Ronke.

PLUS: I still really love to visit Whispering Palms Resort oh!

Disclaimer: this post is full of images oh! So you don’t say I exhausted your data #winks. More pictures below.

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Selfie with these amazing peeps during the boat ride
pix with Chichi, the bride, in case i forgot to tell you, this was an owambe turned excursion/picnic
on Gberefu island enroute to the slave trading port, this waterlog is close to the attenuation well
playful me, did you notice the coconut in my mouth?
funtime in the water. I wonder what we were talking about. #SMH…oh think we were posing for a picture
this was so unexpected

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