Life Audit

So yesterday was my birthday…

Am sure you are wondering what I mean, course my biological birthday is April 1st. Anyway every seventh of July is my spiritual birthday (the day I gave my life to Christ,) but I won’t tell you how old I am!

God is good, right from that year in the small town of Ago-Iwoye, Ogun state, when I officially surrendered (yall know how it is with those of us born into christain homes) my life to him it being an amazing experience. (would do another post on my Christian journey). July has always being loaded with extra loads of benefits for me. And of course I love benefits a lot. But this year I was so busy I FORGOT despite all the benefits God had been sending my way from the beginning of the month. Yet, I knew something was special about yesterday, but I was too busy to figure it out, until about 3pm yesterday, when it dawned on me. You know what, God had being sending me birthday gifts since the beginning of the month. The testimonies are mind blowing. Lord, am really grateful. A dear friend was with me when realization dawned on me, like a Eureka moment, I could not hide it. But the crux of today’s post is this. I asked myself

“Hephzibah, do you exhibit fruits of the spirit that tally with your spiritual age?” hummmmmm!


You can guess my answer. You see, parents expect their children to exhibit some traits at some specific age. Of course you will agree with me that no parent will be pleased when their children fall short of their expectations.

As I audit my life in lieu of this, I invite you to do the same…. Same way, we expect our natural children to exhibit some maturity at some age, God expects his children to grow as well. Make it a constant effort to audit your life especially your walk with God. And if you have wondered off its a good time to start afresh. God’s arms are ever open to save you. Return back to the fold and work on your salvation. We all have to work out our salvation. Its time to Grow more spiritual muscles

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