My Agbada Story

Well, well, well, have you ever wanted to attend an owambe so much yet could not afford the Aso-Ebi?


shoooooo, you are not alone…. (seat don make i yan you tori!!!)

So a darling male friend of mine was getting married. I mean this dude and I have been friends for over 10 years. So for the parri, i gots represent ke. More so, I just didn’t want to go for the wedding dressed in anything feminine. So I thought of sewing an Agbada…. I even went as far as boasting to the guys that I was going to be dressed in Agbada, (this my mouth!)

Did I achieve it?

Yes I did, but at what cost me?


Anyways, I made plans with my tailor, she sent in some designs and of cause I was ready to send some money to her, to fix me up with some thing nice. After all, this was not the first time, we were making such arrangement. Plus, my tailor is so gooood, i always trust her with my clothes and designs.

Then wahala happened oh. For some unexplainable reasons, I was broke. Broke here was relative, i could not afford to squeeze out the money for the cloth cos, if i tried to, i will be super BROKE eh!. Lesson 1: You cant afford it (Aso-Ebi et al) you CANNOT. Simple! Why go into debts to feel among. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

So, the easy thing was to trust God for a miracle. The miracle didn’t come as cash, like I was expecting. Lesson 2; some miracles don’t come like we want them to, so you have to be open. My own miracle in this case came as an idea and resource. I suddenly had an idea. We still have some of my late Pop’s clothes, why not convert one of it. Besides I had read the story of a fashionista who converted one of her grandma’s Aso-oke to a dinner gown. Plus these Pops clothes were still in very good condition and for some reasons we were yet to give them out.

So, on my next trip home, I checked out the clothes and I picked one I loved. Jejely, I carried the cloth (agbada) to my tailor, and told her, how I wanted her to redesign the agbada. So I came up with a new style courtesy of some pictures i had earlier browsed out and we got this…. Lesson 3: be innovative

Fine girl, shakara girl, i just accessorized with some touch of red… and i was on fleek!

and trust me, i rocked the parri, like, i really i rocked the parri…. i was even one of those that led the dancing squad. i snapped and didnt dull myself oh.

with Dammy and Tola at Funso’s wedding. Abeg, TTOsibodu, send me professional pictures especially, the group pictures with the other guys abeg…

We all laughed, wined and danced. Husband took his bride home, and we all went back to our homes. Importantly, i didn’t have to worry about any gbese (debts).

Plus, I gracefully rocked my agbada and I even had several admirers. #abeg, admirers here and there are good for the soul!

So, last sunday, i remember this my agbada and decided to go casual with and here is what i have. nd something about this agbada, makes me feel i carry popsy around me.


I really felt like sharing this experience with yall. You know especially in this season of owambes, you don’t have to go all out to buy aso-ebi if you cant afford it oh. Besides that you can’t afford it now does not mean you can’t afford it late. Honestly speaking, why go into debts, because you want to please someone? Who debts epp?

NB: be rest assured I wont pick any aso-ebi for any of my events/ceremonies, I honestly feel its too much stress on your friends. My personal opinion tho, i don’t have anything against those who do. If i have spare money, i buy, if i don’t, it doesn’t stop me from finding something nice in my wardrobe and attending, except you don’t want me to… Nd really, say you call party and people attend, you better be grateful oh, hummmm, na honour them honour you oh.

By the way, someone’s make up game is getting stronger!

Thanks to my daring Juliet for the inspiration. am loving the nude makeuping in #Jenifa’s voice

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Always stay fabulous!!!

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8 thoughts on “My Agbada Story

Add yours

  1. Great write-up with so much to learn
    Be innovative\ creative
    You don’t have to go all the way and be indebted just to feel among\slay for Owambe


  2. Errrrm…I thought the “aso ebi phenomenon” of today is actually a way of raising funds for the actualization of most weddings this days….why don’t I think I sound harsh saying that.


  3. Creativity, finding solution to a pressing situation and valuable lessons for all to learn are points to be garner from here.
    Smiled all through while reading. Maybe I need to say I have read this post several times. Always fun to read.
    The agbada fit u well well o.

    Liked by 1 person

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