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So today, permit me to present to some and introduce to others, the star of the week, Dr.3pleA.

Usually, I would have loved to say more, since this is an exclusive interview, let’s hear from him live and direct. Plus, I really hope this would bless you as much as it did me. So Lets roll;

Q: Who is Dr. 3pleA?

A: Dr. 3pleA born Adeniyi Adebola Atiba is Nigeria’s number one Career Success Coach and Sales Mage. I have over 15 plus years experience in Human Capacity Development, Sales/Marketing, Operations, Store Management, Research, Data Management and Leadership Development. I am an employee in several organizations, an employer of labor in others and a growing investor. My life work is to help people succeed in their career and life. I am also happily married to a wonderful wife and blessed with beautiful kids.


Q: You wear many hats, how do you juggle all?

A: This is one area I sincerely don’t have a clue about. I believe I am able to only because of God’s unlimited Grace. However, this one thing I also do. I separate my roles. When I am in a role at that moment I am that person not another. I also try to be the best I can be in any time.

Q: You are also an author, can you briefly describe your journey to being an author, the writing process (especially how you came about the title of your book cos its has a interesting title, and the publication process?

A: Thank you so much. My journey as an author has been a very interesting one. It has been eye opening and enlightening. When my book


Outperform- live an outstanding life.” came out it totally changed my life. The title was given to me by God some years ago. He told me specifically that someone out there would need the book. I literally heard it all as if someone was dictating it to me. Since that time, I have written several books (unpublished) and articles. I love writing and expressing myself via writing.

Q: What’s the important message from your book?

A: The most important message in my book “Outperform- live an outstanding life” which everyone must learn is that anyone irrespective of background, social status can succeed in life PROVIDED they know HOW. OUTPERFORM is all about you being better than you are now, and better than you can ever imagine. It is all about becoming the best you can ever be! It is about you maximizing your innate abilities and talents, exceeding all your expectations, achieving all your goals, actualizing all your dreams and being totally fulfilled knowing that you did all you could and more. It is about you becoming the best of you!

Q: Where is your book available?

A: Booksellers Ltd, Ibadan or by personal order please call 07055778282

Q: What is an example of a comfort zone that you have expanded in your own life and how has it helped in other areas of life?

A: Speaking. Expanding my speaking prowess has helped me connect with people all over the world.

Q: What would you say is one of the greatest lessons life has taught you?

A: That success is something we can achieve through proper planning and appropriate action. Success is always the product of intention.

Q: Why do you think many people fail to achieve success?

A: They lack knowledge of how to succeed and refuse to get it.

Q: How can people get through Recession?

A: By following those who know the way out of the recession.

Q: What about financially if people lost their jobs?

A: The answer is problem solving. Money runs after people who know how to solve other people’s problems.

Q: What can we do about procrastination?

A: one of the cheapest way at of it is to get accountability partners especially those who are action driven.

Q: Are you a speaker as well?

A: Yes, I love speaking to inspire, impact and inform.

Q: You run a coaching academy, amongst others no doubts, you’ve been an inspiration to many. What inspires you?

A: Stories of people who made it. They struggled BUT didn’t give up and finally they succeeded.

Q: For those that don’t know you, how can they connect with you or join your mentorship academy.

A: They can reach me on 07055778282 or on WhatsApp with the same number and on social media using my name as a search guide or just send me a mail via adeniyi.atiba@gmail.com .

Thank you sir.

So, thats all, I really hope you picked something from this exclusive with Dr TripleA. Important for me is, ‘success is intention and you need inform/knowledge to attain some height”. I didn’t say so, Dr 3A said so….

Nd one more, jara, I stumbled on Dr 3pleA’s blog and it’s so rich in contents on Business, Career, and Leadership Success, so do check it here on https://adeniyiadebolaatiba.wordpress.com

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Live Life Fabulously Inspired.

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