Am I a learner?

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Today’s post starts with two, 2 pere oh, two questions;

Question 1: Assuming you have a master’s degree can you date or marry someone with a primary school leaving certificate?

Question 2:  Would you date a dude you earn more than or a babe who earns more than you?

 what you say? I know some of you will come and be saying, yes, if you love him/her?yimuuuuuu  but me, Am I  learner? Primary school what?

before you answer the questions, hold on….

So, those questions were asked at the PRINCES AND PRINCESSES programme organized for singles in the church I attend…. I got to the program late thooo, cos I had to assist with some teenagers bla….bla….. bla…..

However, here are a few things I gleaned…..

  1. You must be compatible with your partner. Compatibility is all encompassing; spiritually, intellectually, academically, everything… No doubts you will have some differences, so the next big question is
  2. Can you honestly cope/ manage your differences? People don’t change a 100% oh.. besides hummmm, as in, I mean, the issue is that, it’s lifelong contract oh…except, perhaps……i dont know oh.
  3. How well do you communicate with your supposed partner? Communication is key guys…
  4. How committed are you going to be to the success of the marriage?

According to the preacher, two ingredients for marriage are commitment and communication. You have to be committed to the union and you better get hooked to someone you can communicate with without inhibitions….

Dear, why marry someone who you have to walk on egg shells around. Why?  Betwhy do that to yaself!!! You have to be FREE to express yaself, express ya gifts, express and explore as well. Wosu, wobi, ara mi inuoluwa, if you have to keep using long winding utterance to express ya self to the supposed spouse, its time to Do U-Turn…

The preacher ended by dropping this bombshell….

Wait for it…

Wait for it….

Here it is….‘if you are too quiet you may hinder God’s getting a partner for yourself

You hear that? So all my bros out there, stop been too quiet!!!!!

Like someone said to me recently, ‘never miss an opportunity to tell someone how you feel about them’. Disclaimer, don’t go and be telling people bad bad things (condescending) about themselves oh and now say Hephzibah said you should never miss an opportunity to tell people how you feel about them …. My hands werent there oh…

Oh did I tell you, who preached/taught/ministered at the princes and princess program, no other person but Rev Gbade Ogunlana (Patio wa) this is one man of God who unknown to him and his wife Dr Bosade Ogunlana, have being instrumental in my relationship life. God just brings them my way from time to time and their passion to see people establish Christian homes is amazing. God bless them.

Now, answer to the earlier questions oh

Wellllllllll, me I cannot date a dude with a qualification less than a first degree and even that first degree eh he must have some other supporting qualifications! Am I a learner?

And I can date a dude I earn more than on three conditions; 1. He doesn’t push all the expenses on me 2. He is not intimidated 3. Even with what he earns, he still tries (let me explain, I have heard of dudes that will say because their babes earn more than they do, they will not be responsible. Even if he doesn’t have much, lets me see him spend the little he has prudently and Mehn, some occasional flowers, chocolate candy et al will do).

That’s my answer, what about you? Answer the kwesion jare!!

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5 thoughts on “Am I a learner?

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  1. As a man if I have MSC I can marry a lady of that qualification and will just bring her up to the level I want But I don’t advice vice versa for a lady.
    Question 2. Any one is ok


  2. Beautiful writeup. A very interesting read. My answer to your questions:
    1. I can marry her if she has the potentials and willingness to upgrade herself. It can never be too late to learn.
    2. I can date/marry a girl who earns more than I, as long as she is not going to rate herself as being superior.


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