I strongly believe the city of Ibadan is ready for a make-over. So saturday the 22nd of July was the F.R.E.E conference IB.

Screenshot_20170803-065603 I almost felt like all the youths in the city turned up. This conference as at the time of publishing this, has been hosted in about 3 cities in Nigeria. can i just take a moment to crush on the set man of the vision. Mr. Jimi Tewe.

The IB edition, kicked off with spoken word poetry,i didnt pick the dude’s name but if you did, please comment, i would update this post #promise.  The first spoken word poetry themed on the question of identity while the second themed on moving from paid employment to self employment.

The programme was anchored by Mc Caxton and Andrea

The first key note address was by Tunji Babajide:

Screenshot_20170802-154515 he said a lot of profound things, “the illiterate of the 21st century is not he that cannot read nor write but he that cant Unlearn, Relearn and Learn consistently. Please note, consistently.

He further stressed

  • You cant change your life if you don’t change your beliefs.
  • Life is about balance. The journey of balance is continuous. There are two important laws that rule the universe. The Natural law and the spiritual law. He gave this brilliant example of a a young Christian executive working for a multinational that was laid off work because she was always untidy and scruffy. The truth is no amount of prayers can bring her back except she adapts to the natural law. Or would you listen to a shabbily dressed corporate executive? You can bet my answer.
  • He raised some questions to ponder on like:
  • What value are you bring to the table? There are certain natural success principles.
  • What can you differently? so your outcome can be different.
  • What am I going to do about myself?
  • Until your subconscious man and conscious man are in sync you will self sabotage yourself. Your beliefs, values and goals must be in sync.
  • Switch from a superficial thinking mood to a deep thinking mode
  • Set bigger goals
  • The problem is not the environment but the invironment (mind)Until you change your values, your life can’t change.

He rounded up by stresssing the need to watch your inner dialogue and Look in the mirror, blow yourself a kiss and believe in yourself. Oh boy, I tried that this morning.

The second keynote was by Mr Ruthless execution Steve Harris.


the way he had me on the edge of my seat eh! it never do me like that before

Laced with a lot of laughter, he narrated his personal experience of how he was programmed as a young boy to always manage the scarce resources and how he unconsciously grew up and started to exhibit ‘the don’t you know you must manage mentality’. oh boy, i could relate to his experiences oh. Here are a few points that stood out for me.

  • You have no facts for what you are afraid of.
  • Your programs don’t take permission to run your life (especially after you have installed them) You take a lie and make it into your truth… (it’s becomes a truthful lie).
  • It is time to manage the way you think. You can only be a JJC once. Expose your mind. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between facts and fiction. Double dare yourself.

See, During steve session, I deliberately didn’t write much, I set my phone recorder on, and I listened like my life depended on it, cos at this stage it probably does.


The third speaker, Mr Yomi Awobokun.

Screenshot_20170802-154211 I’ld describe him as a seemly unassuming man, with a deep reseviour of knowledge. But for real, not kidding, this man spoke in Harvard for over 3 months. They don’t carry dull brains to Harvard ke, or have you heard them do that?…i was so intrigued with his story, i googled him, i’ld suggest you do the same. He shared his story; background, his growing up, u.i days et al (at 34 years, he was the young Chief Executive Officer of Oando Marketing Plc, Nigeria’s biggest indigenous oil retailing major.He was born into a modest family in 1978. He attended University of Ibadan to study mathematics and graduated with a lower second class degree. However, like Mr Yomi and few others have proved, even if you didn’t come out with the best of grades, you can still go ahead to become ‘oga at the top’, with a dint of diligence.. Here are some key points i gleaned.

  • Have a clear vision for yourself
  • Who do you want to be?
  • Your network is important
  • How do you want to be perceived
  • Dress like you want to be addressed.
  • Your appearance must be consistent with your personality.
  • Don’t wait for your options.. make them
  • Aspire to be something bigger than you believe your skills can do
  • Be competent—read, work, debate with smart people
  • Engage; volunteer. Look for opportunities to play a role..
  • The future you dream about is the reality of some people.
  • Harness available resources.
  • Your value is determined by the vacuum you create when you are not there.
  • Good ideas are made to be stolen. Flirt with big dreams. There is nothing wrong its free.
  • Responsibility is the ability to see what needs to be done and the inner resolve to do it.

then There was also a Q nd A session session with all three speakers facilitated by Mr Adesanmi Adebunmi. Screenshot_20170803-065139 all three men answered questions raised by the participants and the following thoughts stood out for me…

  • the need to invest in self… nd also make sure the investments are yielding dividends?
  • Ruthless execution is the ability to GET things Done
  • Be your greatest critic and cheerleader
  • Be responsible and lastly
  • your quest for perfection is procrastination in disguise (this hit me like a bombshell, I can like perfection ehhhhh)…

Then there was the panel session

Screenshot_20170803-070425 with Seun Bamiro- of Y North Shoes, Oyenike Adeleke- convener I.B entrepreneurs network, Tiwa Adegbenro (Tiwa the tailor), and Mrs Tinu Smith-the CEO of Datina designs. They all shared their entrepreneurial journey but Seun Bamiro’s story stood out for me. This dude runs a shoe outfit but cant make shoes. He said something profound, which was you must be able to SELL and realistically speaking sales is the lifeline of any business. Tiwa the tailor’s story also stood out for me, mhen this babe effectively used social media to build her business. Mrs Tinu Smith stressed the place of God and the need to invest in people. While Mrs Oyenike stressed the need to grow out of environmental inhibitions. AKA being from Ibadan.

Then the convener of the free conference, Mr Jimi Tewe,

Screenshot_20170803-070359 poured his heart out… such fire… I had to leave the conference for another engagement with some Teenagers. But of course I still gleaned a little from him and here is what I have; you have to face YOUR reality. Your reality is different from mine. Do a reality check. Your decisions are important. Your indecision is wahala. Live intentionally, you have only one life to live. Live it. Don’t let it just pass by.

Screenshot_20170802-154137Plus, Aunty Lola Tewe has the most beautiful and charming smile ever. I met her at the book stall and she was all smiling and helpful. bush me, while she was smiling at me, I was racking my braining thinking of where I had seen her before and if she knew me… oh boy that smiling I still dey see am as I dey type self. It was later, I realized oh that Aunty Lola, I see her on Instagram…. God bless your sweet soul ma…..

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Always, Live life Fabulously Inspired.



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  1. Wow !

    Amazing !

    I am going to add my own lessons later.

    I was one of media personnel at the free conference.
    That was one of the best conference I have ever attended in Ibadan

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