Efo Riro, H.P style

The problem with been a foodie is that you almost can’t stop yourself from thinking and trying out new recipes. So imagine me trying out this recipe oh. But before I tell you about this recipe promise not to yab me. I whisked sugar and eggs together and fried it. #EyesRolling. Actually that was not the plan oh. I can hear some of you laughing at me already. But anyway, the whisked sugar and eggs were left overs from another recipe.

The ijebu in mind didn’t want to waste the mixture, so I started adventure oh. I initially thought of making pancake but… I convinced myself I could innovative something new oh. Anyway, that mission was a woeful failure. The look of d sugar/egg solution after frying was so disgusting. Na vex I take throw away am. #theadventuresofafoodie.

Anyway, today on foodie zone, I will be sharing with you the H.P recipe for cooking efo riro. By the way, I hear people say green vegetables, and am thinking are some vegetables yellow? #eyesout!

The target today is to share with you the procedure for cooking vegetables in such a way, that it’s still retains its green color.

Who is hungry, cos I am already?Oya leggooooo

For this combo I used ugu leaves. Just follow the same procedure for any vegetables. Plus, if you still parboil your vegetables before cooking it, your case is different oh!


1. Vegetables

2. Pepper (i prefer a combo of habanero a.k.a bawa, rodo abeg whats the English name for rodo)

3. Palm oil

4. Iru (can you imagine, some people don’t like iru in food, anyway me, I like the scent of dried iru, you feel me)

5. Pomo (pomo kikka, on my world.)

6. Onions (I love slicing onions in all food of cause apart from pap )

7. Fish, meat (any animals, Please note, animal is a slang in my house meaning Meat, or fish or snails, any food in that kind protein category Sha.) For this is used eja Kika, my love for that fish this days Na die oh


1. Grate the pepper. I prefer the manual grating. But for the alakawes, abeg use blender but don’t over blend. The blending for vegetables sauce is quite different.

2. Boil your pepper, boil and allow all the water in it to steam off. So it’s void of water. Then set aside.

3. Pour Palm oil in a frying pan. Frying pan and Palm oil oh. Add, some slice of onions, allow to distil, not brown nor burnt but enough to distil the flavor so, so the fish can absorb the flavor, do this for only eja Kika oh. Wish I could type the taste I savour when eating fried eja Kika especially in (egusi) melon soup.

3. Wash your already chopped chopped vegetables. No go put the veggie like that oh without cutting it in small bits. Then allow to drain in a sieve.

4. By now, your fried fish is ready. Set aside. it’s time to make the veggie sauce.

Again, take a pot, (not fry pan oh, fry pan was because of the fried fish, if you aren’t using eja Kika, no need to follow that one)

5. In the pot, pour palm oil, nice slightly hot add chopped/diced onions, iru , crayfish, allow to simmer.

6. Once slightly fried no burn am oh, add the already boiled pepper. Add seasoning cube and salt. Allow to cook

7. This next stage is critical oh. You will leave the pepper to fry well so te the palm oil go dey dance on top the pepper. I hope you get it. The sauce will be completely done and dry, almost like it wants to start to burn, be careful here oh, no burn ya sauce and if you do, oyo lo wa, Na burnt offering be that oh.

8. Reduce the heat from the fire. Then add the already drained vegetables. Pour and stir. For a slight seconds you will be tempted to add water, but my daughter abi Na son, if water tempt you consent thou not.

9. By now, you will be cooking on low heat, leave to simmer for 2 mins. Depending the quantity on fire oh.

10. Once it simmers, put out the fire, close the pot for about another 2 mins. Thats the trick, the steam from the pot, will soften the veggie.


food is ready

Confession, while eating this soup, I bite myself about 4 time I still don’t know why oh. ….do you?Oyaaa bye bye but you don follow and subscribe? Try d recipe nd give me feedback. Incase you missed the puff-puff recipe check it here.

7 thoughts on “Efo Riro, H.P style

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  1. This is really yummy. You’ve prepared such a mouth watering soup and we can only see the pictures without tasting it …. chai πŸ˜€…..
    An excellent cook you are.


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