Bad Days hun!!!

Hi guys…….

I miss you. Yes you jo. it’s been like 4 days I posted oh. I have been drunk busy with work. Busy so te, to sleep na wahala. but it’s part of life jare.

So, here’s a quick one, this is a very short post hopefully…

So what do you do when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or you had a very very bad day?

Let me explain, some days are bad, like really baddass bad. You wake up enthusiastic but some how things don’t just work . Your plans all fail, nd you just can’t understand. You are practically frustrated. On top that oh you manage to go on social media and all you see is pictures and stories of people fulfilling their dreams and breaking new grounds. For your mind, you are wondering, why you can’t even break this one ground oh.

Anyway, don’t worry, shit happens. Some days are just like that. So when such days come, here are 5 steps to help you thru..

Step 1: Move away from all those things that stress you. Just take a break.

Step 2: Be thankful. Look for something to be grateful for. There is always something to be grateful for, no matter how small.

Step 3: Laugh. Laughter is magic. Laugh at your situation, just laugh. There is a humour theory that laughter helps you release tension. So just laugh.

Step 4: Pray. Just pray it. Even if your words are not coherent, just pray.

Step 5: Contact you cheer group. You see your cheer group is so important. These are a group of people, who will cheer you up whether you win or lose. They believe in you. So on bad days, talk to them, their role is to fan the champion in you.

Here’s a bonus,

Oyaaa lemme come and be going oh! Before I make the post long.

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Oya chop puff-puff

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4 thoughts on “Bad Days hun!!!

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  1. You are very correct Hephzybee. Bad days may likely come up at times but staying positive and believing that God is in full control will make it all good and therefore having nothing to worry about.
    The 5 practical steps you mentioned are so on point.
    P.S : Those puff puff are very tantalizing


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