Open letter to parents, school authority and to whom it may concern

I woke up this morning with pain in my heart. I thought I could ignore the pain but I realized we need to start addressing this issue. I went to visit a friend who resides in an off campus hostel in one of our federal universities. I choose not to mention the name of the university. As I was leaving, I perceived an odour. It was so strong I almost felt it in my tongue. I asked my host if anyone was smoking weed around, the reply was, “yes, see them over there.” I looked up and saw about 6 undergrads smoking weeding.

Let me tell you how I know the smell of weed, while as an undergrad I had a hostel mate who was an addict. I recall sternly warning him against it and even banning him from smoking in the hostel premises. Yes I did. Luckily for him, he complied. Not that am so strong like that but I had been informed that there are two categories of smokers. The active smokers and the passive smokers. The active are directly involved in the smoking while the passive are those who inhale while others smoke. Of cause my health is important.

Anyway, my host then shared with me their experiences with these weed smoking undergrads. According to him there were about 20 of them before, and every day they will have a weed party so to say. They even went as far as taking codeine and several other substances and planting the weed in the hostel premises.

He further narrated an instance when NDLEA raided their hostel and packed all of them (including the non-weed smokers). As if that experience was not enough. As I was going to the this same university campus this morning, an undergrad sat beside me. His breath smelt terribly of smoke. I could not assertion what exactly he smoked.

Then just this evening I saw this post of where the customs officers intercepted a FUNNAB bus carrying Indian Hemps.

People, this shit is getting real!

What are our institutions turning into?

What are our youths turning into?

We can’t sit and watch these young ones destroy their lives and glorious destiny.

We have to stop this menace.

Little wonder cultism is on the increase.

Dear parents, please don’t just dump your ward in the university, pay them surprise visits from time to time. Pay attention to them. My mother made it a point of duty to visit me while in the university atleast once every academic session.

Also, know their friends. I gathered that some fresher men were initiated into weed smoking by their hostel mates and friends. You will agree with me that smoking weed does more havoc to the body than good.

We can’t keep expecting the government alone to do something.

University authorities have to rise, but then how do they rise with their incessant strike actions.

Am really burdened…

The future looks bleak for this nation.

Let’s rise.

Please if you know anyone smoking weed, don’t just ignore them.

Encourage them to stop, see a therapist, anyhow, let them just get help.

I also gathered that often times these undergrads will rather spend money on weed than on food, little wonder we have more cases of kidney failures and several diseases.

Let’s rise.

Let’s stop this evil

Say No to smoking

I believe in the future of this nation. The youths are the future.

I am Hephzibah Olokode. Kindly, join in this campaign by sharing on all social platforms.

Thank you.

God bless Nigeria

4 thoughts on “Open letter to parents, school authority and to whom it may concern

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  1. Drug/substance abuse incident is getting worse in the present era. Failed parenting, peer pressure, bad influence from friends and wrong choice of role models are among the cause for the smoking habit among youths. I remember a few years back when a very close colleague once tried to convince me to be taking weed with him. He actually handed over the lighted weed to me to take a puff…. Lol.
    With this passion you have, I believe you will do a lot to reduce this menace in our society.


    1. True oh. Someone even tried to convince me that smoking weed is good. In my head am like “I pity you, the devil is planning an elaborate funeral party on your behalf”


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