The path to Purpose Discovery (Part1)

Hi people, welcome to another post on Hephzybee Blog. Thanks for reading. so, todaaaaaaay, am introducing a new segment on the blog captioned GUEST FEATURE!!!

Yippee….. On guest feature, I will post the write ups/articles of avid writers of my choice as guest contributors. So if you have something worth sharing, just hit me up in the comments segments, I will send you a mail address. However I do not promise to post/feature all writings and I promise that your writings will not be plagiarized.

So our Guest contributor for today is Seun Balogun, a passionate writer on the discovering purpose, environmental and social issues. He will be doing a series on the path to Purpose discovery. The next writing are from him. Trust you will blessed.

Everything about an individual from the first breathe of life, movement of muscles in the body, first cry, sleep, smile, mumbled talks(like my baby niece, you never know what she’s saying until she actually acts on what she’s saying .. or so we are made to think eventually), physical and mental growth has a significance.

It’s almost like everything is planned towards achieving one’s PURPOSE in life. Though unknowingly those little activities form a base of the decisions, thought pattern, motives of the steps you, me, we and every one of us is taking right now(even at real time).

The journey to DISCOVER who we really are, what defines us and our purpose in this life starts from the very beginning. The question is, when do we reach that point when we as individuals make such discoveries?

Is it at the early stage of life, say infantry; where the communication skills and awareness of an individual is just kick starting? Or is it at the teen age where every move a teenager wants to make is in replication of the adult ? Or is it probably when the so called ‘midlife crisis’ sets in from an adult perspective or perhaps when one is retired(old age). The answer I suspect doesn’t entirely lie solely on any of the suggestions made. In fact it would always be at variance.

Every individual is different no matter how similar our stories are somewhat programmed to be. (Variety is the spice of life).

The drift is this every human is already EQUIPPED with all he or she needs to SUCCEED. The definition of success varies from person to person. He’s very tall, she sings better with her eyes closed, reads and assimilate better in the early hours of the morning or just doesn’t talk much…. It could be anything as long as it comes NATURALLY to you or with you, these features and more are the FOUNDATIONS of achieving ones purpose in life….THE ACCEPTANCE OF SELF…..WHO YOU ARE…….. WHO ARE YOU?

I’m never one of those against having ROLE MODELS; actually I’m against wanting to be exactly like your role models which is usually the case. Some of us leave ourselves to live other peoples life’s, thereby becoming a falsification, copyright or a second hand product of an original person…

Life always have a way of treating those issues at the end if one fails to tap out early enough.. as we all know second hand products don’t last. Your role model is not your clone, havin one is supposed to motivate you not NECESSARILY doing what they do but appreciating and trying to do better what they did at the LEAST…

One thing I’ve learnt about discovering purpose in life is…the gush of ORIGINALITY; something no one else has or is.. a different angle, a unique idea, something only YOU can give and that comes to you naturally that’s if you know who you are.

(To be continued)

This post was written by Seun Balogun y

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