Star of the Week: Mrs Doyin Ogunbiyi

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So today, the star of the week is


Am so privileged to have met this delectable woman. so let me just famz and indulge you guys with the gist. Anyways, some months back, I needed some clarity on my career paths, so while speaking with one of my daddy,Arch S. he recommended my meeting Mummy O. Mummy agreed to meet me and discuss for just an hour as she had so many things to do. But y’all won’t believe it, she spent 2 hours with me. The 2 hours can be likened to a career master class. She shared so much wisdom with me, thankfully, I went with my notepad, so I wrote down and glean as much as possible. I will share some with y’all . I can be nice like that oh but some I said not all.


Permit me to present to some and introduce to others,

Mrs Doyinsola Ogunbiyi


Mrs Doyin Ogunbiyi is a three time commissioner in Ogun state. She was

1. former Ogun state commissioner for: information, youths, women Affairs & Social Development

2. Former commissioner for Works & Housing.

3 Former commissioner for Women Affairs in Ogun state.

She was also the first Chairman of the state’s Technical and Vocational Board.

She began her career as broadcaster with over 12 years experience with the Nigeria Television Authorities (NTA). According to her “I joined broadcasting because I was destined to become a broadcaster. I started back at home, a bit after my secondary education; because I didn’t want to follow the family tradition of becoming an educationist. My aunty, the first female announcer on Television in Africa, Anike Agbaje-Willams, discovered me from the way I speak. She invited me for an audition and that was how I started. I would have been an architect or something very masculine because I grew up with boys. I was committed to the work and I didn’t even see the fame. We enjoyed the job then because of the family spirit that operated in the broadcasting house and nobody cared about the fame in those days. I had a very humble upbringing and we don’t like noise in my family”.

Grandma, like I love to call Mrs Ogunbiyi, is a mother of four biological children and thousands of adopted children (I will just famz and add myself to the list of adopted children). She is also a grandma. She is passionate about raising industrious and godly young women.

Mrs Ogunbiyi is a stickler for excellence and hard work, as she has successfully worked on several projects in Nigeria. She is very humble and God fearing. As a matter of fact while I listened to her I kept wishing we had more Nigerian politicians with her kind of ideologies. Guys, talk is cheap, so when you see a person who has worked the talk, you better listen.

So, I was thinking, heeding to the wisdom she shared with me, has made me a better person and am still very much a work in progress. So why not share some with my readers. So I will be sharing just 20 key points (key points oh, I won’t explain further) from my career master class with Mrs Doyin Ogunbiyi.

  1. Don’t be intimidated.
  2. Grab opportunities.
  3. Don’t compromise your moral standards.
  4. Go the extra mile in every assignment given.
  5. Be diligent.
  6. Stand Out.
  7. Everything is possible.
  8. Have integrity. (In a corrupt generation, integrity comes with a cost- Hatred.)
  9. Choose where you go.
  10. Have God genuinely.
  11. Have a well ordered life
  12. Be tactical with public opinion.
  13. Stop sharing dreams & visions with everyone. It is very wrong. If you want to move forward
  14. While been a boss at your own business be a servant at someone else’s
  15. Know how to manage your time
  16. Use constructive things to bluff a man, don’t make yourself too available for men especially as a single woman.
  17. Develop yourself
  18. Be good
  19. Be careful with friends
  20. Your happiness first no sentiments

I hope you gleaned. Please if you see mummy Ogunbiyi,

kindly give her a hug for me. God bless you mama for making tremendous impact. Her slogan which I have to love is #another day of impact.

5 thoughts on “Star of the Week: Mrs Doyin Ogunbiyi

Add yours

  1. Mummy Ogunbiyi is indeed a great achiever. More grease to your elbow ma. More grace and strenght for more impact I pray.
    What shall I say concerning Hephzybee?…. Great minds attract each other. Your passionate pursuit of knowledge and eagerness to divulge such for other people’s edification is very laudable. You are indeed a shinning star to your generation.
    The 20 lessons are very practical and life changing tips.


  2. I like no.8…=integrity actually comes with a cost:HATRED….more like to be successful in life you’ll get a lot of haters…nice one Hephzybee…


  3. whoa,what a woman of splendour she is.thanks for sharing 20nugguets.God increase u n make u steady. I personally do await to read ur blog always cos its captivating,inspiring,encouraging n show great cohesion of facts n truth.CRUSHING ON U.


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