A Tale of Two Weekends

Hey lovelies, thanks for reading again…..

So around July, I was very apprehensive, apprehensive August was going to be very boring. Quite unusually I didn’t have any programs lined up. But guess what, things turned around. I became so busy eh, I was practically begging busy to leave me alone.

So here’s the recount of my two favorite weekends in August, mind you, weekend here started from Thursdays.

So leggooooo

Weekend 1: I returned from a Trip on Thursday. Then on Friday I attended the Salt N Light camp. Salt N Light camp is an annual 7 days teenagers camp meeting organised by Olive Tenders, a ministry based in Ibadan that is passionate about raising godly teenagers. Salt N Light camp was amazing. I felt good to see teenagers ask questions and unburden their heart and also receive constructive answers.

That same Friday I left the camp to attend Awesome Refuge Foundation program tagged “Sex Uncensored”.

The main speaker Pastor Funso Popoola talked exhaustively on the need for sexual purity. Let me pause here, let’s be sincere to stay sexual purity whether you are married or not is not easy but it’s achievable. Whats you stance on sexual purity? Hit me up in the comments segment.

Then that Friday night I hardly slept, I had a cake job to deliver to someone the next day so was up almost thru the night.

The life of a baker eh oh., the finished job makes it worth the stress

Then on Saturday I attended “career Talks with Dr 3pleA and Friends” that was an explosive meeting.

You know sometimes if you are not careful you will get comfortable in your comfort zone. A major point from the program what’s the need to stretch and become a better person.

While on Sunday, I attended the closing ceremony and grand finale of the Salt N Light camp.

Teens from church at the salt N Light camp

The guest minister taught on the need to be worthy ambassadors of Christ- true Deputies. After which I went for a meeting and also briefly stopped over at a friend. I got home around 8pm. The next morning, off I went to work.

Weekend 2: As usual it started from Thursday. That Thursday let’s just say I quickly did what I had to do at work and sneaked out. It was Triumphant Assembly’s Camp meeting and I wasn’t going to miss it. So, i had a quick dash at the hair dresser’s.

quick hair fix

Thank God for an understanding stylist like mine who knows I can like to gate crash. Then I took off for camp meeting.

Day one was explosive. Rev Albert Oduwole preached up a storm and I got an answer to a particular question in my heart.

Then day 2, which was Word Feast was mind blowing. Two sessions that stood out the most for me was

1. By Revd Dr Bummi Kolawole when he preached using the story of the prodigal goal. He emphasized the need for us as believers to be audacious.

2. The second was Revd Barrister Adehinke when he preached on the fact that as believers we have been licensed to flourish, but we have always ensure our license is up to date.

two talented brothers from church

Then I turned up in the evening for Night Ablaze. It was really Ablaze, we enjoyed the ministry of the Triumphant Assembly Mass Choir, Global Harvest Choir and above the ministry of Bishop Francis Wale Oke.

Now, don’t hate oh because the next morning which was Saturday, although I was at a vigil I turned up for the A.S.C Youth Fellowship Zest. Initially, I didn’t want to go oh but I was contracted to make snacks for the program. Sorry, was running for time so I forgot to snap the snacks.

my joy when my team won the football match

getting set to play

I even played football and my team won oh. We finished around past 1pm and

I quickly dashed back to camp meeting. We had the Brand Day. Brand day is usually fun, plus there was focus group sessions. We also enjoyed the ministry of Pastor Mrs Popoola. Let me quickly share 4 characteristics of a thriving land she shared with us. 1. Resourcefulness. 2. Effectiveness. 3. Productivity 4. Impact.

Then Sunday which was the grand finale we enjoyed the ministry of Bishop Feb Idahosa. I can’t squeeze his message here, so here is a post on his message click. I had an encounter with God at Camp meeting 2017. It’s really the season to thrive.

Then from camp meeting I attended mama Tinu Smith’s Colours of worship that same day.

Besides the fact that I had volunteered to be one of the ushers at the program, I love worship so I don’t joke with opportunities to worship. Y’all know there are worship programs and there are worship programs…colours of worship is one of a kind. One could absolutely touch God…you can check my excerpt of my dance at colours of worship on Instagram.

Plus the title of this post was inspired by Mama Laurie Idahosa’s blog post. You can check her blog http://www.laurieidahosa.com she even has a blog app for free download. Go check it out

My flatmates say I have too much adrenaline in my system, is it true? They couldn’t imagine where I had the strength to be go thru the whole weekends oh. So what was your own weekend like?


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  1. When someone does not have much to offer, the 24 hours in a day seems too much but when someone has discovered purpose and is well loaded to make impacts in his/her generation then 24 hours in a day becomes insufficient.
    That is my summary of the above story. ☺
    The much influence you have to bear, the enormous contributions you make to the society and the many lives you have to touch made you to squeeze your schedules to make all these meetings/appointments. Na strong woman you be o… Lol.
    Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

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