The Rules of Engagement

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So, in my previous post click I shared the tale of how I spent two of my weekends in the month of August. I also mentioned Bishop Feb Idahosa’s teaching on the last day of camp meeting 2017.

For me, his teaching was the icing on the cake for camp meeting. I promised to share my notes with y’all so here we go.

He preached on The Rules of Engagement

According to Bishop Feb (everything I say will be according to him oh except my own additions in ()s) The rules of engagement are interim directives given to a body or guiding a discourse. He talked about how the military use the rules of engagement in battle.

Then he mentioned three rules of engagement that believers must know and engage.

Rule 1: Don’t let the enemy dictate the rules of the battle. Take charge. Don’t let the enemy turn you faith to fear. Faith says I can do this because of who is with me. When fear comes, let faith answer the door. The devil has no new tricks. Don’t let the enemy make you forget your faith. (This was profound for me, cause I was struggling with fear, I just kicked the butts of the devil and wore my faith jacket never to take it off again)

Rule 2: Never engage the enemy unprepared. Bishop Feb used the biblical story of David. He stressed the need to prepare. David was prepared to face Goliath. Of cause he had fought the lion and the bear. He emphasized the need to begin to plan for what God has in store for you by enlarging your capacity. Choose what you will hear, think, belief. Be deliberate. He also stressed the need to watch our reaction to challenges. According to him Goliath was not there to kill David but to announce him. Your challenges are not to kill/destroy you about to announce you. He further stressed that in this century our goliath is your mindset. 2 cor.10:4-5 (kindly read that Scripture).

Also, he added that you have to prepare your mind. Prepare yourself, use your brain. Prayer is great but it won’t do for you what preparation will do for you. (You have an exam, read like its no man’s business, you have an interview, study and research the company, you want to acquire a skill,enrol where you will be taught.) Learn, Do what it takes to move to the next level.

Preparation puts the seed of success in you.Action waters the see. God causes you to bloom. Don’t waste your talents

Rule 3: Remember whose side you are on and remember who is on your side. God is on your side, so rest in the knowledge of that. (Let me just add here that many of us believers including myself oh, cos am a work in progress forget our identity in Christ, when challenges come we just lose our cool. We forget that Jesus was in the boat and there was a storm. Like I was sharing with some friends, as regards worship, prayers and attending spiritual meetings. Much as we lay our burden down to God in worship, when rising up, we shouldn’t pick back the burden oh. We should leave it there in faith that he is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think. Long story short,

Rest! God is on your side.

Hope you were blessed reading my notes. Bishop Feb was a huge blessing to me. God bless you sir. Say me well to him if you see him oh.

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  1. A very great message by Bishop FEB and a very nice, concise and detailed summary by Hephzybee.
    Your blog remains a favourite to many including me.
    Thank you for choosing to post this edifying message.

    Liked by 1 person

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