Do you unapologetically

Hi lovelies,welcome to another blog post, this will hopefully be a short post. I hope oh! What makes you you? As in what's you unique selling point? Everyone is special and unique. But I have realized that instead of standing out alot of us are always trying to conform, always trying to be like someone... Continue Reading →

Worth the Wait

Hi lovelies, welcome to HephzyBee Blog. Today's blog post is centred around weddings and marriage oh. Everyone is getting married oh! Oya all ye singles (either male or female), trusting God for their big day....siddon come hear testimony. A very dear big sister shared her pre-wedding/ marriage story and with her permission, am sharing with... Continue Reading →

Comfort in skin

Hi lovelies, the much anticipated "comfort in skin" is hereeeeeeeee. Thank you for your patience. So sit down, relax and enjoy.....#its a long post oh.... let's start with some stories....who loves stories? Growing up, I had a challenge. This challenge amplified when I got to secondary school. The challenge seemed mundane, but it was serious... Continue Reading →

Burnt Pancake? Hell No!

Hi people, So I made Pancakes this evening and thought of sharing the recipe with you. Plus I realised quite a number of folks make a burnt looking something and call it pancake. Really, I don't mean to be rude but I can't deal.#notmyrealfaceoh! There is nothing attractive about burnt pancake. By the way, please... Continue Reading →

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