Comfort in skin

Hi lovelies, the much anticipated “comfort in skin” is hereeeeeeeee. Thank you for your patience.

So sit down, relax and enjoy…..#its a long post oh….

let’s start with some stories….who loves stories?

Growing up, I had a challenge. This challenge amplified when I got to secondary school. The challenge seemed mundane, but it was serious oh. The challenge: I was small. I was so small, people use to yab me. By the way, it’s not like am big now self, someone who had only seen my pictures, saw me one day and said “oh sorry, I tot you were tall” I just yimu for him, is not like am short either.

So here was I, short and un-pretty. (the lies who tell ourselves eh) To worsen matters my growth was slow. Let me explain, as a secondary school girl, your body is kinda expected to show some growth at some particular time and class. Anyway, mine didn’t oh. As in every girl in my class has started to mature (you know what I mean ke, if I go to explicit now, someone will pchat me and me asking if my salvation is still sure).

While mine was just static- as in no sign of growth. I become bothered, everyone was growing I wasn’t. Let me tell you a little secret, I used to play dress up alot. I would wear my mummy’s clothes, stand in front of the mirror and just imagine I was all grown up. I remember stuffing my paternal grandma’s old bra with foam and wearing it. Don’t tell my mummy oh. Then one day, just one of those random days, one of those days you have girl talks with your secondary school peers and someone suggested I used Ku lu so. (The myth behind this is that you place the insect on your nipple, allow it sting you then your breast will grow). Don’t ask me if it works, cos I never had the courage to do it. Anyway a few people attested to the potency of Ku lu so

Less than a year after the Ku lu so talk, I began to mature (am sure you know what mature means now) the growth was so rapid. My mum became scared and started praying and confessing that I won’t over-bloat. I finished secondary school at age 15. I realized later on that I was young compared to my other classmates and that individual body metabolism differs. So lesson 1 to be comfortable in your skin, don’t compare your self with others. Even the Bible say those who compare themselves with others are not wise. So be wise.

Then again. In more recent times, people have asked me why I have lost so much weight. Now, let me feed you on my weight loss journey. Every lady consciously or unconsciously is bothered about her weight. By the time I finished secondary school, I was chubby. I had folks who will chide me for been short and chubby. Also, I knew I had huge chances of been chubbier. So I was conscious about everything. I can’t remember where I heard it from but I learnt drinking of raw lime could help me burn off the fat (the many information flying around eh). I resorted to drinking raw lime. I took it in excess but it seemed like the more I took it, the more weight I gained so I gave up. Later on, I realized that at that time. I was a jobless secondary school leaver whose sole duty was to do some house chores, watch television daily (I knew every t.v program and programme schedule) and manage my mummy provision store where I daily feasted on noodles, eggs and sardine. As a matter of fact, I ate noodles to stupor. on days, when i didnt feel like eating noodles, I will make a feast of several other food. Thankfully, there was a woman who hawked roasted fish daily and we had a small vegetable garden in the compound, I always conjoled up different recipes. #thelifeofayoungfoodie. Now tell me how the lime was supposed to work oh? Lesson 2: There are times and there are seasons. Everyone has their own times and seasons. Don’t be in a rush to jump into someone’s season.

So I carried the weight onto university. Then in 300l there was an ASUU strike, a friend jokingly told me he expected me to doubled in size when the strike was called off. At that time i weighted 67. Oh boy, that hit me oh. I made up my mind to disappoint him and them in a whole.

During the 3 months strike, I took to fasting, exercising and working I even enrolled in a tailoring school (don’t ask about my tailoring skills, I abandoned it despite the fact that my beloved father brought me a sewing machine, that’s gist for another day). By the time school resumed I weighted 62. Then people didn’t allow me rest oh. They said all manner of things. To the point that some students called my neighbor, hostel mate) to express their concern about my weight lost and the fact that they felt I had done abortion. I laughed so hard when he told me. Me abortion? Hell No. But for real the many many things I hear eh. They could talk for all I cared, I wasn’t ready to add more weight.

So I maintained 62 for a few years. The shocker right now is I currently weight 60. That means in about 6 years, I have maintained averagely the same weight. Now, some folks are even complaining that I have lost weight again. To be honest, this recent weight loss is not deliberate oh. It’s just happening. Like I have been telling them, when I get married I will add weight. (Whatever that means—- yimu). Now is time to hustle. As in add weight in my bank account.Then when I cut my hair, oh boy, that was another gist oh.

So, in writing this I sampled the opinion of some ladies about the weight and the ku lu so and everyone of them attested to it. Let me hear your own weight journey and also version of the Ku lu so gist in the comments section.

Lovelies, whatever your size, just be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t envy any other persons skin. Do you. Be yourself. Be healthy. Visit the doctor regularly, eat well, exercise and keep your mind at peace. Do you unapologetically. People are made to talk. So you can’t stop them. You are thin, they talk. You are fat, they talk. You are tall, they talk. You are short they talk. You are light complexioned, they talk. You are dark, they talk.

What’s most important is for you to be comfortable in your own Skin. Appreciate your body metamorphosis. Embrace your body. Care for it and let it glow. People have been talking since the time of Jesus oh.

What’s the craziest talk you have heard?

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