Have you upgraded?

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My blog post today comes with a question, have you upgraded? Be sincere with yourself, when was the last time you had an upgrade?

Recently, a friend put up a Facebook post talking about ladies been more eager to learn how to do make up than how to cook. (Speaking of which I need to upgrade my eye brow games, anyone with useful and easy video links?) Sounds funny but true. But really, dear Sisto, what new recipe have you learnt in recent times? I even learnt one can bake moi-moi. Trust me to try the recipe and i will share with y’all.

Now, most seriously, miracles don’t just happen. Everything is in a state of rest until there is an external force. Your O.S can only operate based on its capacity. If you are expecting a new level of growth or miracle, then you have to upgrade.

Upgrading differs from person to person. Your upgrade may be in your career, academics, spiritual, physical, intellectual etc. Just find out what area of your life needs an upgrade and do the needful.

Upgrading is adding more value to yourself. It’s the height of insanity to be doing same thing and expecting a better result. Even God gives us daily bread, not yesterday’s bread oh!

I ran into a good friend of mine, the last time I saw him was May last year. So while we were catching up, I asked him about his business, I was shocked at the level of upgrade his business had experienced in just about 16 months. Trust me, that gingered something in me. He had upgraded significantly.

So me am wondering if phones and gadgets are upgraded from time to time, what about Human Beings oh?

Lovelies, it’s time to upgrade. Read, Research, Learn, just take a step. Acquire some extra certification, learn a skill, go for a training program, just DO something. See reading has gotten easy these days, use your phone data and gadgets wisely. There are even audio books oh!

Get tired of your current level and Upgrade. Even you would prefer to buy an upgraded version of a phone to its outdated version.

Bottom line, to be successful, you have to constantly upgrade yourself. Success has many fathers, failure has none. Success comes with upgrading. Be intentional about your growth.

NB: please bear with me, you will be seeing constant changes on this blog. Contributions are also welcomed. We are definitely upgrading as well. I just finished a course on web development and will be working with some expert to bring you all a better blogging experience here.


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Let’s continue to live fabulously inspired.

Oyaaaa, mention a part of your life that needs upgrade, let me be your accountability partner….

4 thoughts on “Have you upgraded?

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  1. Wow, dis blog is indeed a blessing 2 those who value it. I rili need 2 upgrade my present situation ASAP. continue to shine ma d lord is ur strength nd d sky will be ur starting point

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  2. One of the signs that an organism is still living is continuous growth. Since growth is a characteristic of living things, any organism that is not growing is as good as dead. Upgrade is synonymous to growth therefore any one that is not constantly upgrading him/herself is not really living to the fullest but mere existing. Such people can’t attain to their best potentials. This is my take on this topic.
    That was a very challenging message. Another very good one from Hephzybee.

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