Worth the Wait

Hi lovelies, welcome to HephzyBee Blog. Today’s blog post is centred around weddings and marriage oh. Everyone is getting married oh!

Oya all ye singles (either male or female), trusting God for their big day….siddon come hear testimony.

A very dear big sister shared her pre-wedding/ marriage story and with her permission, am sharing with y’all her testimony and the lessons learnt from her experience here.

Thanks Sister Oluwatoyin Adeyanju-Sokabi for encouraging people on this path that you have walked.

When I was growing up, whenever I was asked at what age I would want to be married, I always said at “25”. That dream of mine didn’t happen till I was 35. (10 years later).

You see I didn’t plan to marry late and it was very challenging staying single for that long. It wasn’t easy but I just kept telling myself if I could wait this long, I just needed to get it right. I can’t afford to miss it after all my years of waiting. I kept declaring what I wanted. I was faced with several pressures. Where I lived people started saying all sorts, sometimes they would even say it to your face. ,”Aunty, e run ile”. ( The house is beginning to smell on you). Some I respond to some I just ignore and pretend they don’t exist.

Then I even had those younger than me get married. Did I attend their weddings? Was I happy for them? Honestly, I was always happy for them and I kept saying to myself, my season is near.

Dear matured single, as much as it’s God’s plan for you to get married and be happy,πŸ‘« Please I would implore you to shine your eyes properly.😳Don’t think because your mates are married and you think time is not on your side make yourself a prey to a Man or woman.

Was I anxious? Yes but not desperate. (Lesson 1: don’t ever be desperate)

Didn’t I come across Men? Of course I did. But I was not desperate to settle with just anyone all in the name of my friends are married. (Lesson 2: in the name of desperation, don’t settle)

Also, people especially those who had no business in your matter will wag their tongues (Lesson 3: people will always talk).

4. You need to honestly answer the following questions before you pray about any guy.

* Have I done my own survey? don’t ignore the writing on the wall, how do members of his family treat you?, How do his friends relate with you? How does his Pastor relate with you?

* Most especially, Do I see myself in his future? do your dreams complement each other, do you feel secured around him, does he respect your time, treasure and your talent?

I hope you think about this.

Today, I look back and am glad. God gave me the most loving, patient and supportive husband. Indeed he is worth the wait.

Dear matured single, don’t rush, shine your eyes. We will celebrate with you Sooner than you think.

With love from a one time fellow voyager Mrs Oluwatoyin Adeyanju-Sokabi

So from me to you, live your life fabulously inspired while waiting!!!

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Becoming Mr Hepziboo; hurray while offer last

4 thoughts on “Worth the Wait

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  1. Very nice to read Mrs Sokabi(T.Y)’s experience and testimony. God bless you for sharing your experience to encourage and strenghten the heart of others in similar situation.
    I will soon share my own story too as things finally work out. That will be the male version though…. πŸ˜€πŸ˜ smiles…
    Thank you Hephzybee for featuring this encouraging testimony.

    Liked by 1 person

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