Do you unapologetically

Hi lovelies,welcome to another blog post, this will hopefully be a short post. I hope oh!

What makes you you?

As in what’s you unique selling point?

Everyone is special and unique.

But I have realized that instead of standing out alot of us are always trying to conform, always trying to be like someone else. Get this guys, no one like photocopies when they have the option of an original or Do you? #eyesout

By the way you should read the post on path to purpose discovery click here, it will help you.

You have to do you unapologetically.

But here is the clause, do you know your strengths and weaknesses?

Do you know your temperament?

Am actually very big on temperaments. I learnt a lot on temperament very early and that has helped me alot…. Now I enjoy a good laugh when people misjudge my temperament.#yippee! Incase you missed my blog post on President Mood Swing Club, you can click here to read, you could probably make a correct guess of my temperament blend. Only those who live with me for days know about this tho #wink..I am constantly mastering the act of been me. #amabetterme

In my largesse, i’ld do a quick detour to the world of temperaments.

All four temperament are broadly classified into 2, Introverts and Extrovert. The introverts are the Melancholics and Phlegmatics. While the extroverts are the Cholerics and Sanguines.

A quick summary of their features are;

1. Cholerics: The Choleric is a practical, hard-working, self-sufficient, multi-tasker. This dogmatic person is a born leader, very keen, and capable of responsibility. Dogmatic and not given to sympathy nor excuses.

2. Sanguine: enters a room with her mouth first. The life of a party. Attention seeking, warm and loving, often speaks before thinking but sincere and loving. The Sanguine lives for the moment, and goes with the flow. In her energy and enthusiasm, she also is quickly distracted. She can tend to be selfish and irresponsible, but she’s so lovable that her friends can easily ignore her weaker tendencies.

3.Phlegmatic: is an introvert who loves peace and quiet. Stays off trouble, has a naturally dry humor, sensitive and blends easily. Does not like to get involved, tends not to get too involved in things, and would rather sit back and watch the action—but when aroused, is a competent and efficient worker. The Phlegmatic is gracious and kind to all—she loves everybody and they all love her back.

4. Melancholy: Is the perfect person, who wants everything done properly and in order. Very systematic and labors over details. Highly analytical and critical. Given to mood swings. Although reserved , loves long quiet conversations. She is constantly analyzing herself and others, and can be prone to depression. The Melancholy usually detests group gatherings and doesn’t seek to make new acquaintances. She has a few friends, to whom she is extremely faithful. Self-sacrifice is a great pleasure for the Melancholy, and she feels things intensely, though you wouldn’t always know it. Melancholics are highly creative and enjoy reading. Their perfectionist nature however makes them prone to procrastination and legalism, despite been very organized and self-disciplined.

Read up more on temperaments and take a temperament assessment test if in doubt of your temperament. Although, each of us is usually made up of more than one temperament.

So back to the topic at hand, Do you unapologetically. Embrace yourself. Be yourself. Love yourself without shame or fear. Know your strengths. Improve on your weaknesses. Let your light shine.

In Bishop Feb Idahosa’s words, Remember, there is a gift inside you that the world is waiting to receive. Don’t try to be someone else this week. Be you. That’s where your #epic will begin.

Finally lovelies,

Do You unapologetically.

Be yourself.

Be you.



Be happy.

Just do you.

Be yourself!


The biggest room in the world is the room of self improvement.

Live your life fabulously inspired.

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4 thoughts on “Do you unapologetically

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  1. I totally agree with you that it is important for us to know who we are in a world where everyone is copying one another. Thank you for sharing dear. Plus the summary you did concerning the various temperament is so apt. You successfully captured the basics of each temperament in few sentences. Well done girl.

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  2. One of the best advices that can be given anyone on this planet earth is : “be yourself!” Whoever fails to live out his original personality as designed by the Creator has succeded in living a fake life and manifesting a skewed/altered destiny. It is tantamount to keeping an eagle in a cage in the zoo thereby turning it to a viewers’ delight instead of allowing it to soar freely in the clouds in full vigour and briskness.
    This post is a very enlightening piece. We need to know exactly who we are and live/work according to our original design.
    Always a delight to read from Hephzybee’s blog.
    #I’mproudlymelancholy+choleric 😝🙌😀

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