My Brown Rusty Roof Experience

Hi Lovelies, You won’t believe that I have lived in Ibadan for over 5 years now and I have never intentionally taken time out to visit some historic sites in the city. Reason, I don’t even know but a safe haven is to blame that on work. Anyway, I saw a post in I.G about... Continue Reading →

The Error

Hi lovelies, it’s quite a while I put up a blog post… I miss blogging, apart from the fact that I have been very busy with work and travelling, I lost my phone. The lost of my phone was really painful and I cried oh #coveredeyes…… But it fine, God is a restorer. Usually, I... Continue Reading →

My Tale of RYLA 2017

Hi lovelies, happy new month. Welcome to the month of October. So I got an award last month, I shared the picture on my Facebook and Instagram handle with a promise to share the full gist (in case you aren’t following me on these platforms, please do). So here’s the full gist and this is... Continue Reading →

Star of the Week: Kehinde Gbadamosi

I am Kehinde Gbadamosi (Kenny MGBG), a value adder, a messenger of passion, a builder of people, a speaker, a life coach and a child/adolescent advocate. I am a graduate of the University of Ilorin where I studied English Language. I am passionate about children and believe that children are special gifts from God and should be treasured.

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