Star of the Week: Kehinde Gbadamosi

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This is another exciting episode of Star of the Week. On this segment of the blog, we feature/celebrate individuals are doing amazing well in their chosen field and impacting their generation. So sit back, relax and enjoy as we journey into the world of Miss Kenny MGBG.

Question: Who is Kenny MGBG?
Answer: I am Kehinde Gbadamosi (Kenny MGBG), a value adder, a messenger of passion, a builder of people, a speaker, a life coach and a child/adolescent advocate. I am a graduate of the University of Ilorin where I studied English Language. I am passionate about children and believe that children are special gifts from God and should be treasured.

Question: What are your hobbies?
Answer: My hobbies include reading, writing, singing and dancing.

Question: You are involved in so many humanitarian works, what is your driving force?
Answer: God, my family and the zeal to impact lives especially improving the lives of children.

Question: So it’s correct to say, it is that zeal that led you to start your NGO. So fill us in on how you started the NGO and what it is about.
Answer: Thank you. I started an NGO because it’s something I have nurtured for a long time (secondary school days) and It’s has always been my dream to do something impactful in the lives of children, teens and young adults. So many reasons I started Made Great By God (MGBG) Foundation but would give some here. I’ve seen a lot of children do all sorts of things such as selling, doing odd jobs, roaming around the street when they are suppose to be in school and so on. I would question them and ask why they were not in school and most of the answer I got was “My parents said it’s a waste of time” so I knew there are still some parents who do not know the essence of education. Also, I saw a lot of girls get pregnant as teenagers and find solace in the hands that wants to touch them and mess them up and young boys drinking, smoking and so on, so I decided that I am going to try to impact them positively.

Question: What the vision of your NGO
Answer: The NGO is focused on sensitizing children on the importance of Education and ensure every child have quality access to education. Reaching out to students by talking to them on issues affecting them, proffering solutions to the problems, creating a mentorship avenue as they find a model for their purpose and constantly reminding them that they can live a purposeful life. To reach out to orphans and less privileged by providing food, clothes, toys, school needs and most importantly, showing love to them. To provide strategies to enable them become all they can be. Help drop out students back to school and as well provide school needs.

Question: How you been funded, any access to international and corporate funding?
Answer: Largely, we have been funded by God, corporate bodies and individuals who believe in the future of the children.

Question: In the last one year, how many children/schools have you reached out to.
Answer: To the glory of God, we have reached out to ten schools and different orphanage homes and also to the less privileged children but I really can’t tell the exact number of children we’ve reached out to.

Question: What advice will you give people who have similar passion for doing what you do?
Answer: If you have passion for making impact in lives or helping the poor/needy, please let God be in charge and in all you do, let integrity be your guiding principle. Finally, don’t stop believing in yourself because at some point, things might not go as planned and if you don’t believe in what you are doing, why would anyone else? Never give up on what you love doing because it means a lot to the people you are serving.

Hephzybee Blog: Thank you Miss Kenny, for granting this interview. We celebrate you for your efforts at improving lives, we wish you all the best and continued strength as you continue to impact the lives of Children.
You can reach Miss Kenny via her platform at

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  1. Nothing could be more fulfilling in life than living one’s life to make positive impacts on other lives. Kehinde Gbadamosi through her NGO (MGBG) is truly an agent of God’s love to a world marred by selfishness, apathy, negligence and devoid of love expected in humanity.
    Building the lives of this young ones is equal to moulding a future generation that would be morally and intellectually sound and which shall further make this world a better place.
    I know that THI (The Hephzibah Initiave) has similar activities and goals. So I will like to be a volunteer for both MGBG and THI. It is my pleasure to participate in these humanitarian services with my resources(time, talent & treasure) ☝🙋 ☺😀.
    God bless you both Miss Kenny the featured star of the week and Hephzybee who brought up this post.

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