My Tale of RYLA 2017

Hi lovelies, happy new month.

Welcome to the month of October.

So I got an award last month, I shared the picture on my Facebook and Instagram handle with a promise to share the full gist (in case you aren’t following me on these platforms, please do). So here’s the full gist and this is a long post. So abeg siddon enjoy. I have tagged this “MY TALE OF RYLA 2017”. If this is your first time on my blog, thanks for stopping by, you are very welcomed. I will be delighted to have check through some other blog post and follow my blog. Thank you.

First of all, Introduction:

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a leadership program coordinated by Rotary clubs across the globe with the sole aim to unite and provide resources for future leaders. Each year, thousands of young people participate in this program. Young people ages 13-30 are sponsored by Rotary clubs to attend the event run by the club’s district committee. Participants are chosen for their leadership potentials. Rotary Clubs and the Rotary District cover all expense for the participants. So I was lucky to be chosen alongside 4 other amazing young people (Goke, Dolapo, Ife and Morayo) and sponsored by Rotary Club, Jericho Metro, Ibadan. Rotary District 9125 (which consist of rotary clubs from 23 states in Nigeria) hosted the 2017 Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) in Abuja, between 18th and 21st September with the theme “An Empowering Tool for Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders”.

We took off from Ibadan and embarked on a rather boring 10 hours journey which was understandable tho. Thankful, I had a few friends keep me company via whatsapp (thank God for social media platforms). We landed Abuja safe and sound. I had been to Abuja before so there really wasn’t so much gush about the city for me. Without doubts Abuja is a beautiful city.

Arrival was stressful especially because of the rigor of the search conducted at the security gate, but the excitement of what laid ahead drowned any form of fatigue. We got to the camp ground while the first welcoming address and rules guiding the stay at the camp were being stated. From the sight of the crowd it was clear that, this was going to be an amazing time and opportunity to meet with about 500 other participants from different states, religious background, ages and professions.

We were assigned houses and give tags after the welcome address. There were 8 houses in all (Ahmadu Bello (Lemon house); Obafemi Awolowo (Sky Blue House); Nnamdi Azikiwe (Deep Blue House); Kazeem Mustapha (Red House), Nnoka Mbanefo House (Red House); J.B. Majiyagbe (Orange House); NBTI (Green House) and NIPOST (Yellow House). Again thankfully, I was put in Orange house. (Disclaimer: i could not access pictures of other houses, so abeg no offence.)


We spent 6 days at the RYLA camp. The RYLA camp was full of a lot of activities like leadership training sessions, the opening ceremony, morning drills, skill acquisition programmes, old school night, cultural and fashion show and Mr. and Mrs. RYLA, talent hunt and many more.

Although the camp was a beehive of activities, some sessions stood out for me. So, to cut the long gist short, let me just indulge you with some activities that stood out for me.

I really enjoyed the lecture session of ROTN Mrs. Kezaih Okonfia, who talked on Breeding of an Entrepreneur. During her session, she stressed the need to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, with emphasis on the qualities of a good entrepreneur, innovation, and the immense need to focus on ones destiny in other to rule the world. It was so loaded; I really think I will make a separate blog post on this session.


I also enjoyed the old school night where several participants were adored in different old-school attire. Sadly, me I didn’t have any old skill attire but it was really beautiful to see fellow Rylaians adored in beautiful old skill attires.

The third day on camp was the official opening ceremony. The District Governor, Engr. Chief Nnoka Mbanefo was in attendance in company of several other dignities. A very beautiful salutary match pass parade was performed in his honour. During the official opening ceremony, the DG encourage all participants to actively take part in the program especially the skill acquisition programs. The opening ceremony was very colourful as all participants were decked in their different house uniforms. pictures already posted above.

Also, I enjoyed that several skill acquisition training like (Cake and pastry making, Liquid Soap and insecticide, Blogging and Online marketing, Fashion Designing, Shoe marking, Make up and Wig making and so on) were introduced to and taught the participant. Trust me to join the cake and pastry making class.

Another activity that stood out for me was that lecture by Pdg Kazeem Mustapha. He highlighted the efforts made by Rotary in combating Polio. I must salute Rotary for these laudable efforts.

Then, one of my loved session was the Rylarian half Hour coordinated by the RYLA District Chair, ROTN Obaseki. During this session, selected rylains were given the opportunity to share their stories of tenacity, survival, success and efforts made at impacting the lives of others. Let me yan you more, all six of us, shared our stories. Rayo has an NGO, ITouche runs a clothing line, Chuks, is the youngest of the few certified CISCO Engineers in Nigeria, Eroms is a Certified Pilot and this other babe is runs a successful cake outfit, and me, you know my gist ba know need to blow my trumpet.

all six of us, with RYLA District Chair, Rotarian Elvis Obaseki

In Rayo’s words, “sharing my success story alongside 6 other amazing rylaians who have excelled in their field, was such an amazing honour”.

Then another lecture that stood out for me was by Rotn Ofe Imomoh. She talked about the journey to becoming an entrepreneur, Dreams and Reality. Where she shared her story of moving from paid employment to entrepreneurship. Am sure, you will observe I am so into the whole entrepreneurship thing. Don’t mind me, it’s my way jare.

The big night was the award night, we had a very beautiful Award and Gala Night. The cream da crème of Rotary Abuja were in attendance. Miss Ryla, Mr Ryla and Miss Big, Bold and Beautiful 2017 were selected while Miss Ryla was crowned. Also, some other awards were given. I was awarded the most outstanding female participant, Ryla 2017

Chief Nnoka Mbanefo (DG Rotary District) presenting me with the award of the most outstanding female participant Ryla 2017

While Chuks (the certified Cicso engineer I earlier mentioned) was awarded the most outstanding Male participant Ryla 2017 (sorry Chuks, i could not access your picture would still love to post it, if i get it).  The night ended with dance and music. We left Abuja by 6am, we had a hitch free (more fun filled and sleep filled) trip back to and we all arrived Ibadan safe.

In all, I enjoyed my stay at RYLA. RYLA is a very laudable project. Although there were some flaws which I believe will be worked upon however we appreciate the awesome content, training sessions and excellent meals (as par ms foodie, i enjoyed all the meal and i was usually first on the queue)  prepared for us to eat during the camp.


Enjoy pictures from RYLA 2017

If this is your first time on my blog, thanks for stopping by, you are very welcomed. I will be delighted to have check through some other blog post and follow my blog. Thank you.


selfie with Ryla Chair, ROTN Obaseki


with my badass gfs, Ife, Perpetual, Morayo, Mary, Ofe, Dolapo and me… sight the main men at the back

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  1. Impressive. Interesting. Note worthy. Awesome.
    The event has been aptly captured to the reading pleasure and education of those of us not privileged to be there.
    Thumbs up to the Rotary International for such a laudable intiative.
    Congratulations to Hephzybee on winning the award. It is an honour well deserved. Keep on impacting your world and thereby shining like a bright star.


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