The Error

Hi lovelies, it’s quite a while I put up a blog post… I miss blogging, apart from the fact that I have been very busy with work and travelling, I lost my phone. The lost of my phone was really painful and I cried oh #coveredeyes…… But it fine, God is a restorer. Usually, I spend my travelling time, typing a blog post, listening to music, reading or sleeping or doing oh but since I lost my phone, I have missed doing that. Anyway, it’s fine, luckily, someone blessed me with another phone, which am grateful for but I really look forward to been blessed with another phone, so we never can say, God can lay it in your  heart to bless me with one.

So that morning, I woke up very early, actually by to 3. I was in high spirits, had my devotion and set up to work on the internet. I am doing this research work and cos I had an eventful weekend, I tot it wise to do some early morning study and research oh. So I switch on my hotspot, set to work. Usually on my Mozilla desktop, I have some shortcut to other websites, so while I was waiting for one of the sites to load, I hit up another site. Very amazing and interesting contents, I was so hooked, I practically forgot why I woke up early. The sad part was by the time I was done reading the contents on the site, I suddenly felt depressed. Like my joy was stolen, and I was angry. Cos, for some strange reasons, I was comparing my progress with those of someone else, leading me into the error of measuring my success with someone else. I was so angry with myself, I just closed my laptop and flung myself on the bed.


But you know, God is so sweet (by the way, if you don’t know Jesus, then you need to know him). Then as I flung myself on the bed, I cuddled up. I had friend staying over, so incidentally, few minutes later she tapped me to get up.  She was to help me with my hair. So I got up and sat on the chair. As she made my hair, I just let out my anger. She smiled, and then prayed and encouraged me. In those split minutes, I realized that I was like the bible says “those who compare themselves with one another are unwise”. In all honesty I was not doing badly. I just needed to be more grateful.

I had fallen into the error of Elijah. You know the time when after a great miracle, he became intimidated by Jezebel’s threat. Yes I had found myself in that shoe. You know, just then my mind was made up never to check that website again, sounds harsh right? No it isn’t. You see there was a time I used to follow these two babes on instagram, with one it was a daily routine. I was practically stalking her page and then comparing, because anytime I checked any of their pages, I usually switch into the error of comparing. I seemed they were making some much progress in areas I also wanted to make progress in, so I unfollowed them.

Let’s face it, it’s tough keeping a straight face and a merry heart when you see your industry peer achieving or attaining success in some areas you are also targeting. So it’s best to stay off those triggers. I am not saying don’t dream big oh. i am not saying dont celebrate their success oh. Am big on celebrating peoples successes, as I believe you cant attract what you don’t celebrate, but DON’T COMPARE!!! Please, am an advocate for dreaming big, but you see, dream big, work smart, stretch yourself but  be grateful for every step of the journey. Stop the comparison game. You know when my friend began to talk this morning, I was just like “Lord, am grateful and as I type this I said “{lord I am sorry for comparing’.

You are a work in progress, don’t get lost in the crowd of comparison. Celebrate other people’s successes, as in genuine celebration. But never compare or feel inferior. Everyone is a god in their specific area,  that you are yet to attain “godship” in a specific area, doesn’t mean, you won’t still attain it.

Remember, dream big, work smart, be grateful for every step in your journey and never compare. Always remind yourself of how fabulous and powerful you are…..keep stretching, keep your joy.

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Remember, stay fabulously inspired.

Thank you


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  1. Everyone happens to be in this kind of situation at some point in life. It is such an awful feeling to seem left behind while others are taking strides towards fulfillment. Meanwhile an understanding of the fact that different people have got different time table in destiny would put one’s mind to rest. Just like someone asserts in a write up that ‘while Obama retires at 55, Trump resumes at 70.’ So it is good to know that everyone will do greatly in life if we don’t lose focus nor give up.
    Thanks for sharing your personal private inner struggle in order to bring up a vital lesson for others. And sorry for the loss of your phone. A better one is coming for you soon 😀.

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